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My Ayahuasca Experience: Part 1

31 Oct 2020 09:51 #57 by dwilliams
dwilliams replied the topic: My Ayahuasca Experience: Part 1
Hey mate, thanks for sharing your experience! I agree that taking Ayahuasca can be really life-changing, especially if taken properly. You can also take a look here www.soulherbs.com/testimonials/ if you want to see the experience of other Ayahuasca users. Have a nice day!

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11 Dec 2017 20:21 - 28 May 2018 01:00 #19 by alpha9
alpha9 created the topic: My Ayahuasca Experience: Part 1

The following account is my personal experience with ‘shamanic’ ayahuasca ceremony done in September, 2017, which gave me an altered state of consciousness. This was my first experience with an ayahuasca ‘plant medicine’ brew, which was very profound to say the least. I left my body and travelled through different Densities, experienced healing, I experienced what “True Love” really is and was shown the ‘metaphysical’ side of our existence.

I had contact with various entities during this altered state of consciousness, which lasted for about 2 hours; such entities includes ‘Mother Ayahuasca’, an "Intergalactic Black Race" in 4th Density, Crystal World and Various Entities of Higher Vibration, in 5th Density. They showed me how the energies of our thoughts are created and how they form our reality, the grand illusion of our materialistic world and how “Unconditional Love” is the answer to all things.

I was also given 3 main messages to pass on to humanity; with others scattered within the experience itself. These three main messages (with another three) can be found on the last page of this memoir. This is a rather long memoir which may/may not resonate with everyone that reads it.

My utmost desire is to get these material/lesson to the ears of those that are willing to listen. I hope that each person reading this material is able to extract something out of it, which may/should be of aid in their journey called ‘Life’

“We are Good, we are Always Good”

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