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Ra Ra Ra

30 May 2019 13:26 - 30 May 2019 13:51 #43 by Theo
Theo created the topic: Ra Ra Ra
I finished all the Ra material once and I am now going through it a second time. It's like taking a hiking path thru the Denali for the second time: there is so much I didn't notice the first time through, I am different than I was when I started, and I know there is a universe of stuff beyond my path that I just can't access.

It is very cool to be on session 5 and find myself learning things that are completely relevant that whizzed right past me the first time.
The challenge for me is remembering the basics( like know myself-accept myself, know the other-accept the other, see the creator) and then trying to comprehend something that is unfamiliar and complex like the archetypes of the mind. I do have the suspicion that I'm really only going from the spiritual equivalent of Kindergarten to first grade and Ra has presented everything from addition to differential calculus. I'm just absorbing what I am ready to absorb and the rest will be there when I'm up to speed. Maybe next week, I'll learn how to tell time on a clock!

Having gone through once, I can say the sheer scope of what Ra presents is mind blowing. It goes from the cosmic(like cyclical "Big Bangs") to how one can specifically heal a certain sliver of their mind/body/spirit complex.

One thing has occurred to me: I hope I never tire of this material. It would be a shame. I do tend to blend it with other spiritual endeavors to weave my own little blanket of "understanding," so maybe that will help: having the LOO as my foundation yet being free to explore other avenues of spiritual expression.

Anyhow, thanks for your time and I hope something I write helps somebody, even if only a tiny bit. Studying and processing this information has brought me a great deal of peace and I hope it does the same for you.
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