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Scott Mandelker YOUTUBE Class on RA LAW OF ONE

23 May 2019 18:36 - 30 May 2019 19:43 #40 by Theo
Theo replied the topic: Scott Mandelker YOUTUBE Class on RA LAW OF ONE
Will. Howdy. I ambled thru here a few months ago and put some posts up, but as of yet, it seems like I was opening a Blockbuster Video on the back side of the moon. No matter. I wrote what I wrote and am glad I did. I try to apply the Ra material to my life in an attempt to relate to it in ways that are less abstract than Ra's emotionless delivery so I really appreciated your approach to this stuff.

To anyone else who comes across this, I have read all of Will's summary of the Scott Mandelker Law of One bonanza. For those wondering, Scott takes the 106 Ra sessions and goes through them, line by line in a series of 227 YouTube videos that last between 60-75 minutes each. The videos have no video. Just a pretty picture and Scott talking in the background. They are the YouTube equivalent of 10,000 steps up to a temple on a mountain. You will start off highly enthusiastic but begin to question the depth of your commitment after you get about 20% up the hill. Later,, when your metaphysical quads are burning from exhaustion and you find yourself rapidly losing motivation, you may be tempted to just quit and go watch David Wilcox. In the sessions between 80-90, you will wonder if this is a gag and the joke is on you, but Scott never breaks stride and he just keeps on plowing through. Then in those last few sessions, there is this emotional mix of relief, accomplishment, gratitude, and sadness as you bear witness to the group as it unravels and the contact ends.

Will's written material summarizes and adds a ton of humor to what Scott is translating/elaborating on. It is quite enjoyable to read and his enthusiasm and willingness to laugh(as well a question) make the material very relatable. He does a great job, up until he gets battle fatigue during session 64 and gives out, which is very understandable. The sessions that follow, many of which are on the Tarot /archetypes of the mind are a brutal slog that can only be truly appreciated by those who have gone thru this stuff themselves. Words just don't capture the experience of mixing arcane high metaphysics and irrelevance with Scott's dedication to getting through the material, brick by brick. If I were Will, I wouldn't even try to get through those sections. Maybe that was his higher self telling him to bail before it got so tedious that he might consider abandoning the Ra material altogether.

So, hello there Will. Glad somebody else is out there and still interested in this amazing material! Thanks for what you did. I thought about your interpretations, laughed at your jokes, and could relate to your frustrations. In short, it helped me. I hope it helped you as well.
Last Edit: 30 May 2019 19:43 by Theo.

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29 Mar 2019 10:19 #39 by Peacelove
Peacelove replied the topic: Scott Mandelker YOUTUBE Class on RA LAW OF ONE
WillChristie I hope you haven't died of boredom waiting for a reply to your post.
Is is any wonder so few souls are being harvested.
Thank you for your links, I will check them out.

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11 Oct 2016 02:02 #15 by WillChristie
WillChristie created the topic: Scott Mandelker YOUTUBE Class on RA LAW OF ONE
Evidently, I signed up for a forum that no one uses. The joke is on me!

Nonetheless, I will leave 2 urls here. Each will take anyone who happens to pass through this ghost town to 2 PDF documents I wrote.

Document 1 has my notes on BOOK 1 of the YOUTUBE class by Scott Mandelker on the RA Law of One material. It is worth looking at.
Document 2 has my notes on BOOK 2.

HELLO OUT THERE! OMG! It is echoing over and over into the internet cyberspace with no response :ohmy:
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