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My Metaphysical Prayer

28 Apr 2022 15:34 #118 by joetitus987@gmail.com
joetitus987@gmail.com created the topic: My Metaphysical Prayer
I pray today that will receive the catalyst needed to move me along the path of Service-to-Others. May I receive and recognize these catalyst, utilizing Love/Light (feminine/masculine archetypes) to fully experience these so that I significate them in my spiritual growth in a balanced fashion.

I pray to enjoy the opportunities to serve others, with a full recognition of others free will in this process. Provide me the love and wisdom to learn/teach as I move through these situations with others.
Energize my journey today in every way, both enjoyably and difficultly, so I may productively polarize and share that energy with my fellow beings of all densities.

This is my intention today for my spiritual growth and the spiritual growth of others that want to share in this journey. Thank you One Creator for this life/illusion that accelerates our every deepening consciousness of you.


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