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Session 1

30 May 2019 19:11 #48 by Theo
Theo replied the topic: Session 1

Thanks for writing what you did! It got me thinking .

It is clear to me that our brains work very differently. Please rush me whatever sedatives you have left over, because I was not wearing a motorcycle helmet when I read your post and the beating left me very agitated.

With regard to language and the Universe. I think with the term Universe, you are implying Reality. I would say that concept is a poor substitute for reality and words a poor substitute for concept. We have words. Also, the Ra material represents a 6th dimensional social memory complex trying to convey higher dimensional metaphysics via a 3rd dimensional channel to other 3d entities. I cannot imagine what gets lost in the difference.

Ra frequently apologizes when using the word 'understanding' as it pertains to our 3 D experience because this is not designed to be a dimension of understanding. It took me a while to accept this because I am, or used to be, a detail guy. But it kept tripping me up. Then I figured out that , for me, pumping mental energy into trying to achieve a granular understanding of externalities that I'm not going understand is a less efficient use of my time than quieting my mind and listening to the internal stuff. And I don't mean my colon.

What I have decided is that my time is better spent in the focused application of the Law of One as opposed to a furthering a (mis)understanding of mechanics of the incarnational experience.

I do have a few things to say about meditation but that is a whole nother post/rant.

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08 Feb 2017 03:19 - 16 Feb 2017 22:07 #16 by star2813
star2813 created the topic: Session 1
Law of One
Session 1.
p1. We seek a diversity of experiences, we in a pursuit of complete knowledge or truth (we pass the illusions of truths and beliefs).
p2. The purpose and nature of the Law of One (Ra),is to harmonize polarities and help understand The Law Of One. complexities are simplified and paradoxes have solutions.
p3. We are part of a time, given that there is no such thing as time, a case of some type or an understanding of what is truly meant by time.
p4. The universe is infinite, there is no end to anyone, there understanding of what is called a seeking or understanding ones perception of creation.
p5. That which is infinite, can not be many ,for many-ness is an finite concept.
p6. Infinity=Unity, In an infinite creator there is only unity.
p7. There is no right or wrong, there is no polarity, you are every thing every being , every emotion, every event , every situation. You are Unity.
p8. There is no separation and distinction between self and others. Thus to learn is the same as to teach unless you are not teaching what you are learning, in which case you have done them little good.
p9. love and compassion seem tangible having the ability to be given and taken away is the true????

Conclusion: The session one case has consistency with the exception of P3 and the use of time see Assumption 1 Rain Theory.
But In my understanding the Universe does not truly understand language but the emotional and vibrations that things are made of. My question at this point which may be answered later. The idea of being human, person-hood and that which is sentient (seeking to avoid pain and suffering) even sentient pursue life and the denial of life would therefor be a kind of suffering.
How would that which is a sentient creature fit into the Universe of Ra material. As all is one even that which is a sentient, meaning cat, dog , ant and mouse etc...they feel pain and are aware of the difference between life and death. So far the case for there being a universe that does not make mistakes and does not know good or evil seems right. Neither having more weight than the other but an approach to the universe that is different in vibration and emotion.
It can not be the case that the universe that the universe has an ending . It does not have a beginning or ending but that understanding is for a later session. You must merely ask the Universe but listen quietly for the answer. Nothing can be hidden from the universe and it does not make mistakes (period).


p1There can be no causation or causality.
p2All causation and causality are temporally contingent.
p3That which is temporally contingent is relative ex: Time dilation, Einstein relativity.
p4That which is relative is comparable, tall as opposed to short and hot as opposed to cold etc...
p5That which are comparable, is a perception, belief and sensory dependent. (see ex: p4)

Since all mental events are physical events (physical-ism) and are sensory dependent, and no physical event can be interpreted absent sense perception and beliefs.

There can be no physical causes as causation and causality are temporally contingent, relative , and sensory contingent.

Kim L franklin

Assumption 2. THE BELIEF TEST
1. Sheila has the experience of (N) as X
2. Bob has the experience of (N) as ~X
Therefore X and ~X are not properties of (N) but beliefs about (N), but sensory properties turned into beliefs.

1. if N is X, while simultaneously ......
2. N is not X
N is therefore a belief in the realm in the of mental causation.

Conclusion: All causes in the universe as we in our human form experience are simultaneously effects and all effects are simultaneously causes. leaving questions that can only be answered by the universe. In which that reply from the universe will consistently be, " No answers only questions"
As the universe is infinite and that which is infinite in questions would follow consistently to have an infinite amount of answers. A topic for another day ( I had to take a sedative after completely contemplating the implications over several months and wrapping my head around the idea......just joking about the sedative but it required musch meditation and reflection :) :) :) but the universe answers for the moment the now as we call it.

Kim Franklin


As i understand the "Law Of One"
1. It would lack the constructive nature of language. As language is a construct, but somehow in channeling the message is freely interpreted by the universe and a response is given some times subtle sometimes with great impact language of the conscious mind seems to be all that is needed but not that of the subconscious as it is driven by habits self preserving or self destructive.

2. For someone who can listen to guidance from the universe I think it is nice ,but i also believe one must be careful there can be unintended consequences by revealing that which on the surface seem harmless. I also used the analogy on myself " would the universe give the loaded gun to a child" I would say no and if that, which is revealed it is only revealed because you have vibrated on that frequency that is a confirmation of ones readiness.

The Universe does not ever make mistakes so the information is accurate and so must your readiness.

Who do you tell? No one wants to believe someone can be fairly accurate at listening to the universe. They are not necessarily smarter just a good listener.

This is Just a draft It will become fairly coherent with time, but the goal is to make the effort to align my thoughts with that of the Power of One.
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