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Law of One - Book 2

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On January 15, 1981, our research group started receiving a communication from the social memory complex, Ra. From this communication precipitated the Law of One and some of the distortions of the Law of One.

The pages of this book contain an exact transcript, edited only to remove some personal material, of the communications received in Sessions 27 through 50 with Ra. This material presupposes a point of view which we have developed in the course of many years’ study of the UFO phenomenon. If you are not familiar with our previous work, a reading of our book, Secrets of the UFO, might prove helpful in understanding the present material.

Book II of The Law of One builds very carefully on concepts received during the first 26 sessions with Ra, which were published as The Law of One. We encourage you to read The Law of One first if possible. Both books are available from us by mail. Book II of The Law of One concentrates on the metaphysical principles which govern our spiritual evolution as we seek to understand and use the catalyst of our daily experiences.

A more thorough examination of the energy centers of the body, and the connections between mind, body, and spirit, is carried out, building upon information received in the first 26 sessions. We learn more about Wanderers, the various densities, healing, and the many energy exchanges and blockages native to our illusion relating to experiences such as sex, illness, and meditation.

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