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Ra's First & Last Contact Statements

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Session 1, January 15, 1981

Ra: I am Ra. I have not spoken through this instrument before.

We had to wait until she was precisely tuned as we send a narrow band vibration.

We greet you in the love and in the light of our infinite Creator.

We have watched your group.

We have been called to your group, for you have a need for the diversity of experiences in channeling which go with a more intensive, or as you might call it, advanced, approach to the system of studying the pattern of illusions of your body, your mind, and your spirit, which you call seeking the truth.

We hope to offer you a somewhat different slant upon the information which is always and ever the same.

The Confederation of Planets in the Service of the infinite Creator has only one important statement.
That statement, my friends, as you know, is that all things, all life, all of the creation is part of one original thought.

We will exercise each channel if we are able to.

The reception of our beam is a somewhat more advanced feat than some of the more broad vibration channels opened by other members for more introductory and intermediate work.

Let us for a moment consider thought.
What is it, my friends, to take thought?
Took you then thought today?
What thoughts did you think today?
What thoughts were part of the original thought today?
In how many of your thoughts did the creation lie?

Was love contained?
And was service freely given?

You are not part of a material universe.

You move your body, your mind, and your spirit in somewhat eccentric patterns for you have not completely grasped the concept that you are part of the original thought.

We would at this time transfer to the instrument known as Don.

I am Ra.


Ra: I am Ra. I am again with this instrument.

We are close to initiating a contact but we are having difficulty penetrating a certain mental tension and distraction that are somewhat characteristic of this channel.

We will therefore describe the type of vibration which is being sent.

The instrument will find us entering the energy field at a slight angle towards the back of the top of the head in a narrow but strong area of intensity.

We are not able to offer any conditioning due to our own transmitting limitations, therefore, if the instrument can feel this particular effect he may then speak our thoughts as they come to him.

We will again attempt this contact.

I am Ra.


Ra: This instrument is resisting our contact.

However, we assure you that we are satisfied that contact with the one known as Don is not preferable to that instrument.

We will, therefore, move on to the one known as Leonard.

Again we caution the instrument that it is a narrow band of communication which is felt as a vibration entering the aura.

We will now transfer this contact.

I am Ra.


Ra: I am Ra. We greet you once more in the love and the light of our infinite Creator.

We ask that you be patient with us.

We are a difficult channel to receive.

We may perhaps add some dimensions to your understanding.

At this time we would be glad to attempt to speak to any subject or question which those entities in the room may have potential use in the requesting.

After 106 sessions the Ra contact ended with Don Elkin’s death on November 7, 1984, after a year of declining health. It was the harmony between the three of us that supported the Ra contact, thus we no longer work with Ra nor the trance state but now channel other Confederation sources.

If you are interested in our other books or tapes, we will be happy to send you information about them.

Write: L/L Research, P.O. Box 5195, Louisville, KY 40255-0195.

Questioner: Prior to the veiling process there was, I am assuming, no archetypical plan for the evolutionary process.

It was totally left up to the free will of the mind/body/spirits to evolve in any way that they desired.

Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. No.

I am Ra. We leave you in appreciation of the circumstances of the great illusion in which you now choose to play the pipe and timbrel and move in rhythm.

We are also players upon a stage.
The stage changes.
The acts ring down.
The lights come up once again.

And throughout the grand illusion and the following and the following there is the undergirding majesty of the one infinite Creator.

All is well.

Nothing is lost.

Go forth rejoicing in the love and the light, the peace and the power of the one infinite Creator.

I am Ra. Adonai. 

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