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About Law of One Society

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Law of One Society is dedicated to the pure study and the enlightenment towards the Law of One. 

Our website is mainly for discovering and sharing information which may aid in the spiritual evolution of humankind.

You can use this website to learn, teach and grow towards the advancement of mind, body and spirit.

In other words, we are a loosely structured, non-hierarchical network of individuals from around the world dedicated to understanding, exemplifying and practising the truth we refer to as the Law of One.

Please keep in mind, there's absolutely no need or any obligation to register on the site. All the information provided on the site are 100% available to view, and are fully accessible without any restriction.

The 'Community' side of the website is the only portion that requires registration, and it's mainly for those who would like to connect with other like-minded individuals (especially around their locals) in order to facilitate a method to meet, discuss and learn The Law of One.

As stated in our 'Website Guidelines', the Law of One Society is not a religion, cult or sect, but a space for, and the meetings of like-minded individuals to discuss and learn the Law of One in its purest form, and no more.

Much Love and Appreciation from Us to You. 

In Love & Light
The Law of One Society

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