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Brief Exploration of The Sephirot of Kabbalah - The Tree of Life

The Law of One, Book V, Fragment 26

Questioner: I was looking at a diagram of the advancement of magical practices starting from Malkuth and ending at Kether.

I was wondering if these corresponded to the colors or the densities with

Malkuth as one,
Yesod as two,
Hod and Netzach being three,
Tiphareth four, and so on.

Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is basically incorrect although you are upon the correct track of thinking.

Each of these stations has a complex number and shading of energy centers as well as some part in various balances; the lower, the middle, the high, and the total balance.

Thus there are complex colors or rays and complex charges, if you will, in each station.

Questioner: Does the left-hand path of this represent the service-to-self path and the right-hand path the service-to-others?

Ra: I am Ra. This will be the last full query of this working.

This is incorrect.

These stations are relationships.

Each path has these relationships offered.

The intent of the practitioner in working with these powerful concepts determines the polarity of the working.

The tools are the tools.

Questioner: As an ending question I will just ask if it is possible for the lpsissimus then to have either positive or negative polarity, or must he be neither?

Ra: I am Ra. We shall respond to the meaning of this term in a specialized sense.

The Ipsissimus
is one who has mastered the Tree of Life and has used this mastery for negative polarization

Is there any brief query which we may respond to as we take leave of this instrument?

The Law of One, Book IV, Session 76

Questioner: Is there, in Ra’s opinion, any present day value for the use of the tarot as an aid in the evolutionary process?

Ra: I am Ra. We shall repeat information

It is appropriate to study one form of constructed and organized distortion of the archetypical mind in depth in order to arrive at the position of being able to become and to experience archetypes at will

You have three basic choices

You may choose astrology
the twelve signs, as you call these portions of your planet’s energy web, and what has been called the ten planets. 

You may choose the tarot 
with its twenty-two so-called Major Arcana

You may choose the study of the so-called Tree of Life 
with its ten Sephiroth and the twenty-two relationships between the stations.

It is well to investigate each discipline, not as a dilettante, but as one who seeks the touchstone, one who wishes to feel the pull of the magnet

One of these studies will be more attractive to the seeker

Let the seeker, then, investigate the archetypical mind using, basically, one of these three disciplines. 

After a period of study, the discipline mastered sufficiently, the seeker may then complete the more important step
that is, the moving beyond the written in order to express in an unique fashion its understanding, if you may again pardon the noun, of the archetypical mind.

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