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How Many Wanderers Have Penetrated Their Memory Block and Being Awakened?

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The Law of One, Book II, Session 36

Questioner: I’ll just ask one short one before we close.

Can you tell me what percentage of the Wanderers on Earth today have been successful in penetrating the memory block and have become aware of who they are, and finally, is there anything that we can do to make the instrument more comfortable or to improve the contact?

Ra: I am Ra. We can approximate the percentage of those penetrating intelligently their status.

This is between eight and one-half and nine and three-quarters percent.

There is a larger percentile group of those who
have a fairly well defined, shall we say, symptomology indicating to them that they are not of this, shall we say, “insanity.

This amounts to a bit over fifty percent of the remainder.

Nearly one-third of the remainder
are aware that something about them is different,

so you see there are many gradations of awakening to the knowledge of being a Wanderer.

We may add that
it is to the middle and first of these groups that this information will, shall we say, make sense

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