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How to Use The Site

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Audio Text Reader:

If you want the text to be read back to you, follow the 2 steps below.


Colours highlights of texts/words and what they signify:

Green Colour:
When this colour is seen, it's highlighting a highly energized points/lessons that a seeker should try to consider understanding fully or investigating further.

Black Bold:
This colour represents the 'Questioner's' Questions

Olive Colour:
We are now using this colour to denote list of words or action points, steps, guides from Ra, i.e. list of planetary density in our galaxy.

Purple Colour:
These are words that we believe an Adept or a Wanderer should consider or ponder until understood.

Orange Colours:
These are questions/queries from the 'Questioner' that we believe all readers/seekers should understand and assimilate fully.

Blue Colour:
This colour is used for highlighting the location of lessons as extracted from The Law of One 'Book 1-5'.

Indigo Colour:
This colour is used for Editor's comments, which are usually placed underneath the end of Ra's lessons (divided by a horizontal line).

Note to All Seekers/Readers: 

*Not all the lessons presented on the site has all these colour-coding embedded/implemented. In short, this is a recent thought-process, and the rest of the lessons will be implemented momentarily, and that's if we deem it necessary from our understanding.  

*Colour-coding will be appended to cover those pages/lessons that have not yet been covered (according to our understanding). 

*It must be noted that ‘non-colour coded’ texts/words are equally as important as those highlighted in various colours, and reader's discernment is to gravitate towards those lessons/words that are truly needed, or that which resonates with Self, for the sole 'Spiritual Development' of the Self.

*Do not let any colours or lack of it, persuade or dissuade any seeker from learning according to one's own discernment. These colours are appended as 'guides only' and to help the reader in general terms. This is done according to our own understanding, which may (and will) differ from entity to entity.

*May we ask that You exercise your complete Freewill in viewing these colours and what they denote or represent. In short, study as you will and do not let any colours (or lack of it) get in the way of your upliftment, or your journey of Seeking towards The One Infinite Creator.   

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