Definition of "Vital Energy"

Definition of "Vital Energy"

The Law of One, Book III, Session 63

Questioner: Could you give me a definition of vital energy?

Ra: I am Ra. Vital energy is the complex of energy levels of mind, body, and spirit.

Unlike physical energy, it requires the integrated complexes vibrating in an useful manner.

The faculty of will can, to a variable extent, replace missing vital energy and this has occurred in past workings, as you measure time, in this instrument. 

This is not recommended.

At this time, however, the vital energies are well-nourished in mind and spirit although the physical energy level is, in and of itself, low at this time.

Questioner: Would I be correct in guessing that the vital energy is a function of the awareness or bias of the entity with respect to his polarity or general unity with the Creator or creation?

Ra: I am Ra. In a nonspecific sense we may affirm the correctness of your statement.

The vital energy may be seen to be that deep love of life or life experiences such as the beauty of creation and the appreciation of otherselves and the distortions of your co-Creators’ making which are of beauty. 

Without this vital energy the least distorted physical complex will fail and perish.

With this love or vital energy or elán the entity may continue though the physical complex is greatly distorted.

The Law of One, Book III, Session 72

Questioner: In the last session you mentioned that if the instrument used any of the increased vital energy that she experiences for physical activity that she would pay a “harsh toll.”

Could you tell me the nature of that harsh toll and why it would be experienced?

Ra: I am Ra.

The physical energy level
is a measure of the amount of available energy of the body complex of a mind/body/spirit complex.

The vital energy measurement
is one which expresses the amount of energy of being of the mind/body/spirit complex.

This entity has great distortions in the direction of mind complex activity, spirit complex activity, and that great conduit to the Creator, the will

Therefore, this instrument’s vital energy, even in the absence of any physical reserve measurable, is quite substantial.

However, the use of this energy of will, mind, and spirit for the things of the physical complex causes a far greater distortion in the lessening of the vital energy than would the use of this energy for those things which are in the deepest desires and will of the mind/body/spirit complex.

In this entity these desires are for service to the Creator.

This entity sees all service as service to the Creator and this is why we have cautioned the support group and the instrument itself in this regard.

All services are not equal in depth of distortion.

The over-use of this vital energy is, to be literal, the rapid removal of life-force.

Questioner: You mentioned that the large amount of light that is available.

Could this group, by proper ritual, use this for recharging the vital energy of the instrument?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct.

However, we caution against any working which raises up any personalityrather it is well to be fastidious in your working.

Questioner: Could you explain what you mean by “raises up any personality”?

Ra: I am Ra. Clues, we may offer.

Explanation is infringement.

We can only ask that you realize that all are One.

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