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Glossary of Terms

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Adept –
One who devotes the self to seeking the Creator using the disciplines of the personality in the work of faith and spirit.

After having adequately balanced the preceding energy centers, the adept proceeds into indigo-ray to make contact with intelligent infinity.

The adept may bring intelligent energy through the indigo gateway in order to heal, teach, and work for the Creator in ways that are both radiant and balanced.

Whatever the outer service, though, the adept’s primary work is not that of doing, but of being.

Archetypal Mind –
The architecture of the nature of the evolution of mind, body, and spirit, containing all facets which may affect mind or experience. It is a resource within the deep mind that is of great potential aid to the adept.

The archetypal mind is not specifically a plan for evolution but is rather, when penetrated lucidly, a blueprint without distortion of the builded structure of all energy expenditures and all

Bodies (Seven) –
One of the preconditions for space/time existence is some form of body complex. Each body offers a vehicle for learning, movement, and experience in a particular environment. Including the present physical body, there are seven basic bodies.

Red Ray:
The unconstructed material of the body, the elemental body without form, the chemical body. Not, however, the biological system of bone, tissue, organs, muscle, nerves, hormones, electrochemical impulses and so forth that is the human physical body. This basic unformed material body is important to understand for there are healings which may be carried out by the simple understanding of the elements present in the physical vehicle.

Orange Ray:
This purely physical body complex formed without selfawareness, the body in the womb before the spirit/mind complex enters. This body may live without the inhabitation of the mind and spirit complexes. However, it seldom does so.

Yellow Ray:
The body that is in activation within third-density incarnation; the physical vehicle as we now know it that is integrated with mind and spirit.

The following higher bodies—often referred to as subtle bodies—are available to the third-density entity, but there is skill and discipline needed in order to avail the self of the more advanced or lighter vehicles. They are not necessary for third-density work but are useful to the adept.

Green Ray:
A lighter body packed more densely with life, called by some teachings the astral body. It is the body that will be activated and enjoyed by those in the fourth-density cycle of experience.

Blue Ray:
A body of light which may also be called the devachanic body. There are many other names for this body, especially in the Indian Sutras as those of that culture have explored the regions available to the blue-ray body.

Indigo Ray:
The etheric, or gateway, or form-maker body, described both as the “analog for intelligent energy” and “being intelligent energy.” In this body, form is substance; it would be perceptible to our eyes only as light, as it may mold itself as it desires.

This is the first body activated upon what we call death (the cessation of the yellow-ray body). The indigo body also plays a critical role in health and healing, adopting the desired configuration and manifesting it in the yellow-ray body.

Violet Ray:
The violet-ray body may perhaps be understood as what we might call the Buddha body or that body which is complete. It is also the body activated during the anomalous moment of harvest in order to gauge the harvestability of the entity.

Catalyst –
A neutral instigator that, when used, offers learning (especially of pre-incarnatively chosen lessons), facilitates evolution, develops will and faith, precipitates experience, and polarizes the third-density entity.

Essentially all that reaches the senses and everything that comes before the notice of an entity is catalyst, though other-selves are the primary mechanism of catalyst, serving as mirrors that offer reflections of the fruit of beingness.

The Choice –
The primary function of the very intense, very short third-density experience is the making of the Choice: to choose and dedicate the self to the positive path of service to others or the negative path of service to self. If the catalyst of third density is successfully used to make the Choice, that is, to polarize and bias the consciousness (measured in vibratory rate of 51% for service to others and 95% for service to self), then, at the time of harvest, the entity will graduate from third to fourth density.

Complex –
A term used by Ra essentially as a noun in the same fashion as Merriam-Webster defines it: “A whole made up of complicated or interrelated parts.” Ra speaks of it this way in context of the archetypes: “A concept complex is a complex of concepts just as a molecule is a complex structure made up of more than one type of energy nexus or atom.”

Some examples include: mind/body/spirit complex, mind complex, body complex, spirit complex, social memory complex, sound vibrational complex, and many more. It may also mean a complex of something, e.g.: “a complex of thought, ideas, and actions.”

Confederation (of Planets In the Service of the Infinite Creator) –
The Confederation of Planets (often called the “Confederation” for shorthand) is a group consisting of approximately fifty-three civilizations, comprising approximately five hundred planetary consciousnesses, along with entities from Earth’s inner planes and graduates from Earth’s third density. It is a true Confederation in that its members are not alike but are all allied in service according to the Law of One.

In this Confederation each of the constituent social memory complexes voluntarily place their collective data in a central repository that becomes available to all members.

There are many Confederations in the galaxy, but in almost all cases this term refers to the one currently serving Earth. Whereas their counterpart, the Orion Empire, calls itself to conquest, the Confederation of Planets awaits the call to service.

Crystallization (Crystallize, Crystallized Being) –
Used in reference to energy centers or entities themselves. As Ra describes it, when a crystalline structure is formed of physical material, the elements present in each molecule are bonded in a regularized fashion with the elements in each other molecule. Thus the structure is regular and, when fully and perfectly crystallized, has certain properties. It will not splinter or break; it is very strong without effort; and it is radiant, traducing light into a beautiful refraction giving pleasure of the eye to many.

Through consistent work in consciousness over a period of time (aka: the “discipline of the personality”), energy centers themselves become crystalline, forming unique crystal structures described in 51.8.

Density –
One of seven (or eight, depending on the perspective) dimensions or cycles of evolution in an octave of experience. It is called “density” because each successive density is more densely packed with light. Akin to a musical scale, seven densities are grouped together in an octave, where the eighth density begins the first of the next octave in an infinite string of octaves. Each density represents a quantum vibrational spectrum or portion of intelligent energy, and each density cycles, or moves to the next density, according to the predetermined clock-like rhythms of intelligent energy.

Designed by the Logos, each density of experience offers its own set lessons and parameters that must be learned and understood in order to cross the threshold and graduate from one density to the next. Each density has seven sub-densities. Each sub-density has seven sub-sub densities. And so on, infinitely. The core vibrations of the seven densities have correspondence to the seven true colors and the seven energy centers.

Disciplines of the Personality –
The paramount work of any who have become consciously aware of the process of evolution. The heart of the discipline of the personality is threefold: One, know yourself. Two, accept yourself. Three, become the Creator.

The discipline of the personality results, eventually, in the whole knowledge of the self in micro- and macrocosm, and in a finely tuned compassion and love which sees all things as love.

Distortion –
The second definition given for “distort” in Merriam- Webster is “to twist (something) out of a natural, normal, or original shape or condition.” In a similar sense, Ra uses the term “distortion” to convey the twisting, modification, misrepresentation, or concealment of the un-differentiated, un-potentiated intelligent infinity in its pure form, i.e., the Creator.

Everything in the universe, then, is a distortion, beginning with the First Distortion of Free Will, moving to Love, then to Light, then to the created universe, including stars, planets, people, space, time, etc. “Distortion” can have any value assigned to it (“good,” “bad,” “beautiful,” “terrible,”) but ultimately lacks positive and negative connation. It is used as a strictly neutral term to indicate that everything experienced within creation is a distortion of the One Creator.

Dual-Activated (Bodies, Entities) – Entities harvested from other third-density planets who have incarnated in Earth’s third density to make the transition with this planet into fourth density. These entities are not wanderers in the sense that this planetary sphere is their fourthdensity home planet. They are the pioneers or forerunners of Earth’s fourth density.

They incarnate with a third-density/fourth-density double body in activation. This transitional body is one which will be able to appreciate fourth-density energies as the instreaming increases without the accompanying disruption of the third-density body. (If a third-density entity were electrically aware of fourth density in full, the third-density electrical fields would fail due to incompatibility.)

The purpose of such combined activation is that such entities are to some extent consciously aware of those fourth-density understandings which third density is unable to remember due to the forgetting. Thus fourth-density experience may be begun with the added attraction of dwelling in a troubled third-density environment and offering its love and compassion. It is a privilege to be allowed this early an incarnation as there is much experiential catalyst in service to other-selves at this harvesting.

At the time of the Ra contact, dual-activated entities were limited to those harvested from other planets. It is possible that entities harvested from Earth have since joined their ranks.

Energy Centers –
The seven rays or centers of consciousness that filter and process the love/light energy of the One Creator, both through the south and north poles of the energy system. Each energy center (or ray, or chakra) represents a stage or modality of consciousness with its own expressions, lessons, and aspect of the overall identity of self. Arranged sequentially in hierarchical, ROYGBIV structure, all life experienced is processed through the sequence of energy centers.

Harvest, General (Graduation) –
The point of transition between the densities within an octave that operates according to what might be perceived as a three-dimensional clock-like face stretched across the entire galaxy. As the galaxy revolves or spirals, each constituent solar system and planet moves through the scheduled density of experience. The cycles move precisely as a clock strikes the hour. Upon completing a density, or cycle therein, those who have successfully learned the lesson of that cycle are harvested in order that they may ascertain whether they are ready to graduate to the next density. This is perhaps somewhat analogous to passing a final exam at the end of a grade in school in order to move onto the next grade.

Higher Self (Oversoul) –
A being beyond polarity in the mid-sixth density that exists with full understanding of the accumulation of experiences of the entity. Operating from what we would consider our future, the higher self is you at mid-sixth density: the end result of all the development experienced by you up to that point.

Every entity—whether positive, negative, or undecided—has a higher self. Whatever guidance is received from the higher self may be interpreted in a positive or negative light depending upon the polarity of the seeker, though the negative entity, separated from itself, is not likely to seek such guidance.

The higher self also works closely with the entity in between incarnations, aiding the entity in achieving healing of the experiences which have not been learned properly, and assisting in further life experience programming. Whatever its activity, though, the free will of the incarnate entity is paramount in the service it offers.

Honor/Responsibility, Honor/Duty, and vice versa – Each responsibility is an honor; each honor, a responsibility. Responsibilities and duties are not seen as chores or obligations to which one is shackled in a pejorative sense; rather, the seeker has the freedom to accept the responsibility or duty as an honor, and freedom to fulfill the responsibility or duty as a service. (It is Ra’s honor/responsibility to stay with those of planet Earth to eliminate the distortions given to the Law of One.)

Initiation –
A person will move through multiple initiations during the course of their incarnation. Each initiation may be characterized generally by stating that a threshold is crossed that delineates the former experience from the newer. This may transpire in a moment or over a long period of time. There is often a challenge or difficulty associated with the crossing of the threshold, and some measure of will and faith needed. For some this may manifest as a dark night of the soul.

Ra speaks of initiation as a process and means whereby the mind/body/spirit complex becomes a purified or initiated channel for the Law of One. The mind, the body, the spirit, or all of the above may move through an initiation. Such an initiated person may then channel the love/light of the One Infinite Creator through the gateway in order to be of service, whether that service be radiance of being alone, or the magical work of indigo ray, the communication of blue ray, or the healing of green ray.

Inner Light –
The energy which dwells within an entity, that which is the entity’s heart of being, the birthright and true nature of all entities.

Drawn by the strength of the inner light, the upward spiraling light enters the red ray and moves northward through the energy centers of an entity to be met and reacted to by the inner light, indicating the level of an entity’s progression. The strength of the inner light equals the strength of will to seek the light.

Inner Planes –
Whereas humans in their physical bodies experiencing incarnation in the physical world are in space/time or outer planes, the non-physical portion of the third-density experience is in time/space, or inner planes. The inner planes are also experienced in between incarnations in the review and healing of the previous incarnation and the planning of the coming incarnation. They are also entered in the dreaming state and in other modes of non-ordinary consciousness.

Karma –
Ra likens karma to inertia: those actions which are put into motion will continue using the ways of balancing until such time as the controlling or higher principle, which may likened unto braking or stopping, is invoked. This stoppage of the inertia of action may be called forgiveness. These two concepts are inseparable. In forgiveness lies the stoppage of the wheel of action, or what you call karma. Actions undertaken in a consciously unloving manner with other beings are those which may generate karma.

Law of One –
Beyond the limitations of language, the Law of One may be approximated by stating that all things are one, that there is no polarity, no right or wrong, no disharmony, but only identity. You are every thing, every being, every emotion, every event, every situation. You are unity. You are infinity. You are love/light, light/love. You are.

To state that another way:
All is one. That one is love/light, light/love, the Infinite Creator. This is the Law of One.

Law of Responsibility –
A law or way which begins to be effectuated by the increasing ability of entities to grasp the lessons to be learned in this density. If a quickened or increased rate of learning is sought, the Law of

Responsibility requires that the greater understanding be put into practice in the moment to moment experience of the entity. Likewise, the closer to the light one seeks to stand, the more the Law of Responsibility goes into effect. When in earlier cycles of this third-density experience the catalysts went unused, the lessons not learned, the fruits of learning not demonstrated, the life span became greatly reduced, for the ways of honor/duty were not being accepted.

Laws –
Though the field of physics as it applies to the material realm (i.e., space/time) is a limited approach to understanding what Ra may mean by “Law,” the definition can begin there. Scientific laws are understood to be fundamental operations of the physical universe that are not human-designed but human-discovered. Among their characteristics, scientific laws are verifiably empirically true, simple, absolute, stable, constant, and universal. Everything in the universe must in some way comply with or conform to or operate within these laws.

Ra indicates that there is actually only one law: the Law of One. Other so-called laws are distortions of this law, though some of them being primal and incredibly significant for evolutionary progress. Ra nevertheless does use the word “Law” when referring to the law-like distortions of the Law of One, such as Law of Confusion, Law of Love, Law of Light, etc. Ra indicates that the term “law” is interchangeable with “way.”

Learn/Teaching (Teach/Learning) –
Learn/teaching and teach/learning are inverse terms, one to the other. A teacher is a teach/learner; a student a learn/teacher. To learn is the same as to teach, unless you are not teaching what you are learning; in which case you have done you/they little or no good. One cannot learn/teach for another, but only teach/learn.

Logos (Logoi)Sub-logos –
Logos is the Second Primal Distortion of the Law of One, the focusing of intelligent infinity through free will into intelligent energy, the Creative Principle, or Love. Each Creative Principle, Love, or Logos designs its own creation or system.

Each Logos determines the paths of intelligent energy, designing the natural laws and ways of expressing them mathematically and otherwise. This energy is of an ordering nature which creates its patterns in holographic style.

The mind/body/spirit complex, or human being, once sufficiently awakened, is itself a Logos—or, more technically, a sub-sub-sub-Logos.

Sub-logos (Sub-Logoi) –
The One Great Logos (Primal Logos, Great Central Sun) that creates the octave (universe, creation) is the Logos. Ra also commonly uses the term “Logos” to refer to the galactic Logoi, thus using the term “sub-Logos” to refer to the solar Logoi (sun body) and “sub-sub-Logos” to refer to mind/body/spirit complexes.

All levels of sub-Logoi, like the Logos, are possessed of free will. Within the guidelines or ways of the senior Logos, the junior sub-Logos may find various means of differentiating and refining experiences without removing or adding to these ways. Every entity that exists is a sub-Logos of some order down to the limits of
any observation, for the entire creation is alive.

Each is also a co- Creator which, in holographic style, contains the whole.

Ra may, at times, use the “sub” prefix inconsistently, though it is always used to indicate a hierarchical architecture of the Logoi. If the one Primal Logos of the octave is seen as the first or original tier in the Logos hierarchy, and if it is thereby used as the basis for the “sub” prefixes, then sub-Logos could refer to the next tier (galactic Logoi), sub-sub-Logos to solar Logoi, and sub-sub-sub-Logoi referring to mind/body/spirit complexes. (92.22 may be an example of this nomenclature.)

Love/Light (Light/Love) –
In the infinite universe there is only one energy: love/light or light/love or intelligent energy—the universe is made from and of love/light, light/love. It is that energy which heals, builds, removes, destroys, transforms, and forms the pathways or so-called natural laws of any particular universe. This energy comes into being as Love (the Second Primal Distortion), using Free Will, creates Light (the

Third Primal Distortion), thus becoming love/light.

Love and light (like love and wisdom), are not black and white, but faces of the same coin. There is the same difference between love/light and light/love as there is between teach/learning and learn/teaching. Love/light is the enabler, the power, the energy giver. Light/love is the manifestation which occurs when light has been impressed with love.

Magic –
The ability to create changes in consciousness through will, or the ability to consciously use the unconscious. Magic is the work of the adept; it is a sacramental connection undertaken at the level of the gateway, or indigo ray, which is fed by the disciplines of the personality.

The heart of white magic (the positive use of magic) is an experience of the joy of union with the Creator that joins body, mind, and spirit with the One Infinite Creator and radiates throughout the life experience.

Magical Personality –
When the higher self is properly and efficaciously invoked for the purpose of a working, it is called the magical personality. Upon this invocation, a bridge is made between space/time and time/space. As consequence, the higher self directly experiences the thirddensity catalyst for the duration of the working. And the third-density self takes upon itself something of a vestment of a personality of consciousness that bestows magical perception and power.

Master & Major Cycles –
Third density begins and ends in the span of a master cycle, ours being approximately 75,000–76,000 years. At the end of the master cycle, all are harvested regardless of their progress.

Those who have successfully polarized will transfer to a polarized fourth-density home. Those who have not made the Choice will repeat third density elsewhere. Within the master cycle are three major cycles of approximately 25,000 years.

Maldek –
What we know as the asteroid belt is the remains of a former planet which was home to active first, second, and third densities. There are various names by which this planet has been identified, but in certain quarters of Earth’s history (perhaps some of which have been lost) it apparently had the name of Maldek.

The third-density population of Maldek had a civilization that gained much technological information and used it without care for the preservation of their planet, following the ways of warfare and service to self which was sincerely believed to be service to others. The escalating devastation wracked their biosphere and caused its disintegration. 

Mars –
Was once home to active first, second, and third density vibrations. The tendencies of the native third-density population toward warfare caused the atmosphere to become inhospitable before the end of its cycle.

The Confederation aided these entities by transferring them at the start of Earth’s third-density experience 75,000 years ago. This transfer was unusual in that the their genetic material was preserved, adjusted, and, through a sort of cloning process, transferred to Earth.

Consequently, the quarantine of planet Earth was instituted due to the assessment of the Guardians that the free will of those of Mars had been abridged.

Meditation –
Ra describes meditation as a foundational prerequisite of the path of the spiritual seeker, for without such a method of reversing the analytical process, one could not integrate into unity the many understandings gained in such seeking. They would not endorse a best way to meditate, but described broad categories:

1. The passive meditation involving the clearing of the mind and emptying of the mental jumble which is characteristic of the human mind complex. This is efficacious for those whose goal is to achieve an inner silence as a base from which to listen to the Creator. It is by far the most generally useful type of meditation as opposed to contemplation or prayer.

2. Contemplation or the consideration in a meditative state of an inspiring image, text, or spiritual principle.

3. The faculty of will called praying. Whether it is indeed an helpful activity depends quite totally upon the intentions and objects of the one who prays.

4. The type of meditation which may be called visualization is the tool of the adept. When the ability to hold visual images in mind has become crystallized in an adept, the adept may then, without external action, do polarizing in consciousness which can affect the planetary consciousness.

Only those wishing to pursue the conscious raising of planetary vibration will find visualization to be a particularly satisfying type of meditation.

Mind Complex –
That aspect of an entity which contains feelings, emotions, intellectual thoughts, ideation, imagination, conceptualization, dreaming, etc. It reflects the inpourings of the spirit and the up-pourings of the body complex. The mind is referred to as “complex” due to the veiling that partitions the conscious from the unconscious mind.

Ra describes the mind as having a configuration of layers or deeper natures. The intuition conveys information to the individual mind from the deeper aspects of the racial mind, the planetary mind, the archetypical mind, and the cosmic mind.

The spirit complex then funnels these roots of mind into contact with intelligent infinity.

Mind/Body/Spirit Complex –
A term Ra uses to refer to entities (aka: people) of third-density or higher. (Second-density entities are referred to as mind/body complexes.) Mind, body, and spirit are inextricably intertwined and cannot continue, one without the other. The work of third density is done through the interaction of these three components, not through any one.

The nature of the mind, body, and spirit as complex (consisting of seemingly separate and distinct components or parts) is a result of the veiling. Pre-veil entities were simply mind/body/spirits (non-complex).

Mixed Contact –
It is possible for a positively oriented but un-tuned and confused channel to receive both positive and negative communications. If the channel at the base of its confusion is oriented towards service to others, negative sources may impress messages which speak of coming doom and offer reason to fear. Many channeling contacts have been confused and self-destructive because the channels were oriented towards service to others but, in the desire for proof, were open to the deceptive information of the crusaders who were then able to neutralize the effectiveness of the channel. Tuning and challenging are always counseled for positively oriented channels.

Octave –
The system of densities that the evolving entities and social memory complexes move through takes place within a larger cycle known as an octave. Each octave contains seven densities with the eighth density being the first density of the following octave. Each octave is a heartbeat that births a new universe which begins with first density and is absorbed again at the eighth density. That which is learned in one octave is carried forward in the next. Acknowledging limitations upon their knowledge,

Ra assumes that there are an infinite number of octaves, the ways of the octave being without time; that is, there are seven densities in each creation, infinitely.

As the creation can be seen to have some fractal characteristics, Ra sometimes refers to individual densities, sub-densities, or even certain cycles of experience, as octaves. Octave is also synonymous with the terms universe and creation.

One Original Thought/Original Thought –
All things, all of life, all of the creation is part of One Original Thought. In each octave this Original Thought contains the harvest of all experience of the Creator by the Creator from the preceding octaves.

For instance, the harvest of the previous octave into our present octave was the efficiency of the male/female polarity, and the Creator of Love manifested in mind, body, and spirit.

Orion –
An empire of entities and social memory complexes who have chosen the negative path. Whereas the Confederation of Planets is organized as a confederation of alliances which share power and service on the basis of the oneness of all things, the Orion Group organizes itself on the basis of power against power, establishing a pecking order with the more powerful controlling the less powerful. The Confederation teaches unity and service to others; the Orion Empire teaches separation and service to self.

They do this by calling themselves to conquest, attempting to bring third-density entities and planets into their fold using various means of manipulation and enslavement.

This is done by finding and establishing an elite and causing others to serve the elite. Due to the problems inherent in pitting power against power, spiritual entropy causes them to experience constant disintegration of their social memory complexes, thus their numbers are perhaps one-tenth of the Confederation’s at any point.

They are referred to as Orion because social memory complexes from the Orion constellation have the upper hand and thus rule the other members. It is unclear whether there are also positive beings from the stars within the Orion constellation.

Other-Self –
The term Ra uses to refer to entities other than the self, i.e. I am your other-self, and you are my other-self. It is also a term that acknowledges the unity of all things, for each is a self, and each is an other-self to a self, and each is part of one self: the One Infinite Creator.

Polarity (In Consciousness) –
In order to successfully graduate from the third density, consciousness can and must become polarized toward one pole or the other: “service to others” or “service to self.” The purpose of polarity is to develop the potential to do work.

This work drives evolution forward and galvanizes the development of will and faith, creating a more vivid and intensive experience of the Creator knowing itself. Called the axis upon which the creation turns, the higher densities do their work due to the polarity gained in this choice until sixth density when the polarities are released.

The Law of One blinks neither at the light or the darkness, but is available for service to others and service to self. In sixth density, the density of unity, the positive and negative paths must needs take in each other for all now must be seen as love/light and light/love.

This is not difficult for the positive polarity, which sends love and light to all otherselves. It is difficult enough for service-to-self polarized entities that at some point the negative polarity is abandoned.

Possibility/Probability Vortex –
A term used by Ra to describe possible experiences and scenarios in the future (as we understand it).

Some vortices or possibilities may be stronger than others, having a higher probability of unfolding based upon the free will choices of the entities involved and existing patterns of momentum and energy. Any possibility/probably complex has an existence due to infinite opportunity.

Prophecy can be considered a viewing of various possibility/probability vortices, with the stronger vortices being more readily perceivable. The value of prophecy must be realized to be only that of expressing possibilities.

Programming (Incarnational) –
Prior to an entity becoming consciously aware of the path of spiritual evolution, incarnation is automatic and catalyst is generally of a random nature. When the entity becomes aware of the mechanism for spiritual evolution (upon the activation of the green-ray energy center), the entity itself will, prior to incarnation, arrange and place those lessons and entities necessary for maximum growth and expression of polarity in the incarnative experience.

Such programming may include: genetic predispositions, selection of parents and family, life circumstances, time period in which the incarnation will take place, personality characteristics, lessons of polarity, balance between love and wisdom, etc.

Psychic Greeting (Psychic Attack) –
The energizing of pre-existing distortions of a third-density seeker by higher-density entities. A negative greeting may consist of the tempting of the entity or group of entities away from total polarization towards service to others and toward the aggrandizement of self or of social organizations with which the self identifies.

Depending upon the vibratory nature and purpose of the greeting, the third-density entity may be energized, blocked, or its imbalances accentuated.

Quarantine –
Approximately 75,000 years ago, those who Ra calls the Guardians transferred the genetic material of the third-density Mars population from its destroyed home to Earth. This was deemed to be an abridgement of free will, so a quarantine was placed around Earth by the Guardians at the start of the 75,000 year master cycle of third density.

The quarantine prevents interference from entities of other densities except in two circumstances: one, the Council grants permission to break quarantine, or two, a negative entity takes advantage of the window effect.

Ra –
A social memory complex that evolved upon the planet Venus, experiencing the third-density there 2.6 billion years ago, they have since left the planet and are presently at the sixth-density level of evolution.

Their primary purpose is to teach the Law of One in response to the call for service issuing from this planet. They have made historical attempts of this, including interacting with the Egyptians. Their teachings, however, were distorted by the peoples of the time, thus their primary present goal is to heal those distortions given to the Law of One.

Seniority of Vibration –
The preferential treatment that gives priority of reincarnation to entities who are aware of the need to bend mind, body, and spirit toward achieving harvestability. It can be likened to placing various grades of liquids in the same glass: some will rise to the top, others will sink to the bottom.

Layers and layers of entities will ensue, and, as harvest draws near, those filled with the most light and love will naturally, and without supervision, be in line for the experience of incarnation.

Service to Others (Positive Path) –
One of two paths of polarity chosen in third-density experience. Also called the path of that which is; love, acceptance, and radiance are the hallmarks of the positive path. The positive path seeks to understand the unity of all things and revolves around the understanding, experiencing, accepting, and merging of self with self and with other-self, and finally with the Creator.

In the desire to serve others is the fundamental respect for the free will of all beings and thus the positive entity awaits the call to service, serving only insofar as it is requested.

The best way of service to others is the constant attempt to seek to share the love of the Creator as it is known to the inner self. This path attempts to open and balance the full spectrum of energy centers.

Service to Self (Negative Path) –
One of two paths of polarity chosen in third-density experience. Also called the path of that which not; control, manipulation, and absorption are the hallmarks of the negative path. This path is predicated upon separation and the manipulation, infringement, and enslavement of the free will of all other selves for the benefit of the self. This necessitates an omission and denial of universal love, or the green-ray energy center. Thus lacking empathy, the service-to-self entity does not await the call to service but calls itself to conquest.

Sexual Energy Transfer –
Energy transfer in general is the release of potential energy differences across a potentiated space. Sexual energy transfer is the transfer of energy during sexual intercourse between two sexually polarized entities depending upon the male/female principle ratio.

Both positive and negative sexual energy transfers are possible. Positive energy transfer requires both entities to be vibrating at a greenray level. In the positive transfer, the male will have offered the discharge of physical energy to the female, and the female discharges its stored mental and emotional energy.

The transfer is mutually uplifting and enhancing, and offers possibility of polarization and service. With careful development this transfer also holds the possibility of opening the gateway and experiencing sacramental communion with the Creator.

Sinkhole of Indifference –
The spiritual path being predicated on the choice between the positive and negative polarities. The sinkhole of indifference is the state of remaining unpolarized and not achieving the transformation afforded by making the Choice. It is a state of being lessthan- conscious and without power, a blind repetition of patterns. When neither path is chosen, the entity will continue to receive catalyst until it forms a bias towards acceptance and love or separation and control.

Social Memory Complex –
When a collection of related entities, called a social complex, reaches a point of one orientation or seeking, it becomes a social memory complex. In a social memory complex, the experience of each entity is available to the whole, this forming a group memory that becomes available to the entire social complex. This is generally achieved in fourth density by positive and negative groups. The advantages of this complex are the relative lack of distortion in understanding the social beingness and the relative lack of distortion in pursuing the direction of

Negative social memory complexes are organized in a strict pecking order on the basis of relative power, those more powerful controlling and enslaving the less. Positive social memory complexes are organized on the basis of unity, or the Creator in all things. In this arrangement, power and love are shared and free-will-respecting service is freely given.

Space/Time and Time/Space –
Space/time is the visible, physical realm that we now experience as conscious, incarnate beings. This is the realm of physics and the proverbial five senses. Time/space is the invisible, metaphysical realms, also known as the inner planes.

This is the realm of intention and the unconscious. The terminology is likely based upon the theories of physics of Dewey Larson, used by Don and Ra to integrate this scientific understanding with the spiritual understanding. Space/time and time/space are complex and complete systems that form fundamental aspects of our illusion.

They share an inverse relationship due to the inequality between time and space. In space/time, the spatial orientation of material causes a tangible framework for illusion. In time/space, the inequality is shifted to the property of time.

These space/time and time/space distinctions do not hold sway except in third density. However, fourth, fifth, and to some extent, sixth densities, work within some system of polarized space/time and time/space.

Note: Ra also uses the term “time/space” to indicate the passage of clock and calendar time as we know it.

Spirit Complex –
The fields of force and consciousness which are the least distorted of the mind/body/spirit complex (but which can be realized in many distorted and unintegrated ways by the mind and body complexes of energy fields). When the intelligent energy of mind and body are balanced, the spirit complex acts as a two-way channel, pathway, shuttle or communicator whereby

1) the inpourings from the various universal, planetary, and personal sources may be funneled into the roots of consciousness, and

2) consciousness may be funneled to the gateway of intelligent infinity. Healing is the realization and undistorted opening of the mind and body to these spiritual instreamings.

The apparent addition of the spirit complex happens as second-density entities (mind/body complexes) become self-aware, thus becoming mind/body/spirit complexes and entering third density, the first density of consciousness of spirit. This addition is apparent rather than real as it is simply a realization of the spirit complex which was always available in potentiation.

Spiritual Entropy –
A type of loss of polarity and cohesion. This is particularly experienced by negative social memory complexes due to their tendency toward inability to act totally as one being, thus causing them to experience constant disintegration of their social memory complexes.

Tarot –
A system of 22 images (The Major Arcana) first developed by Ra during their third-density experience and later passed to the Egyptians by Ra, it is used as a tool to study the archetypal mind and develop the magical personality. Ra suggests that the Major Arcana not be used as a method of divination but instead used as a means to study the archetypal mind, and to gain knowledge of the self by the self for the purpose of entering a more profoundly, acutely realized present moment.

Thought Form –
A pattern or persistence of thought that in some cases can exhibit persistent metaphysical or physical characteristics separate from the original thinker. Physical characteristics may include visual or material beingness. Thought forms can be created by entities consciously (typically higher-density beings) or unconsciously, particularly by the collective unconscious mind.

Trance State/Channel –
In the context of the Ra contact, the state in which the instrument’s mind/body/spirit complex left the physical body and allowed Ra to speak through it in a way supposedly undistorted by the presence of the instrument’s own biases. In this state the instrument was unconscious and awoke with no memory of the information which was passed through her.

Transient Information –
In the context of the Ra contact, information that is of a specific nature and lacks metaphysical principle or relevance, or is not directly related to the evolution of mind, body, and spirit. The level and purity of the contact was dependent on the level and purity of the information sought. Transient and specific information, especially if emphasized, was deleterious to the working.

True Color –
The frequency that is the basis of each density, every color having specific vibratory characteristics both in space/time and in time/space. It is the basic vibration of a density which is then overlaid and tinged by the various vibratory levels within that density, and the attraction to the vibrations of the next true color density.

Tuning –
To bring into harmony, reminiscent of tuning a musical instrument. Includes activities such as bringing the energy centers into a harmonious balance or tuning of the self in order to match the vibration of a contact for channeling.

Unconscious –
A portion of the mind complex which is outside the perception of the entity’s conscious awareness. It has various levels and depths ranging from the personal mind to the cosmic mind, and may contain a differing configuration, awareness, or will than the conscious mind. The nature of the unconscious is of the nature of concept rather than word. It corresponds to the female archetypal energy, is represented by the archetype of the High Priestess, and is the Potentiator of consciousness.

Ra describes the nature of penetrating the veil to the unconscious mind as being “likened unto the journey too rich and exotic to contemplate adequate describing thereof.”

Unmanifested Self –
The self which does not need other-self in order to manifest or act; that being which exists and does its work without reference to or aid from other-selves. Meditation, contemplation, and internal balancing of thoughts and reactions are those activities of the unmanifested self, while things such as pain or disease are the catalyst of the unmanifested self. In magic, one is working with one’s unmanifested self in body, in mind, and in spirit; the mixture depending upon the nature of the working.

Upward Spiraling Light –
Commonly called “prana,” this light is the ever-present energy of the Creator which radiates outward from all points in space. The term “upward” is not an indication direction, but an indication of the concept of that which reaches towards the source of love and light (the Creator).

It is through this light that we progress in evolution towards the Creator, and it may be called upon and attracted by use of the will to seek the light. Different geometric shapes, such as the pyramid, can harness this light for various purposes.

Veil –
An aspect of consciousness and experience that could be described as the separation of the conscious and the unconscious mind, which also results in a veiling of our awareness from the true nature of the Creator.

The veil exists as the result of an experiment of the early creations of the sub-Logoi. This is referred to “extending free will” and resulted in such a significant increase in free will that non-veiled entities were seen as not having free will.

Prior to this implementation, non-veiled entities progressed along the path of spiritual evolution very slowly, the nonveiled condition being unconducive to polarization. The veiling was so effective at increasing polarization that it was adopted by all subsequent sub-Logoi.

The conditions created by the veil resulted in what Ra refers to as the Choice, the central purpose of third-density experience.

The veil is semi-permeable, and while progressive lifting of the veil is third-density work, completely lifting the veil is not.

Vibration –
A term used to refer to: densities or sub-densities; to sounds, or speaking, or names; to state of mind; to channeling contact; an entity’s overall beingness, or pattern of behavior, or pattern of distortions, or progress of spiritual evolution, or thought-processes; the metaphysical state of a place; the metaphysical state of a planet and the peoples on the planet; vibration or movement in physics, particularly Dewey Larson’s Reciprocal Theory.

Ra indicates that everything which is manifest is a vibration, beginning with the photon itself.

Vibratory Sound Complex (Sound Vibration Complex) –
Occasionally used by Ra as a term for “word,” often used when referring to names.

Vital Energy –
The complex of energy levels of mind, body, and spirit. Unlike physical energy, it requires the integrated complexes vibrating in an useful manner.

It may be seen to be that deep love of life and the appreciation of other-selves and of beauty. Without this vital energy, the least distorted physical complex will fail and perish. With this love, or vital energy or élan, the entity may continue though the physical complex is greatly distorted. Vital energy may be used, or reserved, depleted or increased.

Wanderer (Brothers and Sisters of Sorrow) –
Entities from the fourth, fifth, and sixth densities who respond to a calling of sorrow by incarnating into a third-density environment in order to be of service to others by radiating love of others. In performing this service, the wanderer becomes completely the creature of third density, and thus is subject to the forgetting which can only be penetrated with disciplined meditation and working.

This decision carries the risk the wanderer will forget its mission and become karmically involved, thus needing to continue reincarnating within third density in order to balance the karma.

White Magic –
Magic in general being ritual dedicated to working with the unmanifested being, white magic is directing this working toward experiencing the love and joy of union with the Creator for the purpose of service to others.

This love or joy then may be both protection and the key to the gateway to intelligent infinity and will radiate throughout the life experience of the positive adept. White magic is best undertaken in a group, but it may be performed by an individual so long as it is done in the knowledge that to aid the self in polarization towards love and light is to aid the planetary vibration.

Will –
Pure desire; the motivation, or impetus within an individual that becomes awakened and harnessed when directed towards service and spiritual seeking. Will could also be seen as the attraction to the upward spiraling line of light guiding spiritual evolution.

It is the single measure of the rate and fastidiousness of the activation and balancing of the various energy centers. The will can be conscious or unconscious, the unconscious utilization of will possibly depolarizing the individual in their seeking. The faculty of will has been greatly enhanced by the veiling.

In conjunction with faith, the seeker’s will is a vital aspect of many aspects of service and seeking, from the simple utilization of catalyst for evolution to the opening of gateway to intelligent infinity.

Work –
A term that generally refers to action, experience, or service done in a spiritually significant and effective sense. Such work requires polarity in consciousness, thus it is done far more efficiently—with greater purity, intensity, and variety—when an entity continuously makes the Choice, polarizing in either service to others or service to self. Examples can range from the subtle work of mental balancing to the great work of offering one’s life in service as a healer. 

Glossary created by Austin Bridges and Gary Bean.
These definitions are not intended to be final or authoritative.
For a more in-depth examination of these terms, see the Concept Guide in the Resource book.

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