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The Law of One
Is our universe intelligently designed? What are the possibilities of healing, transformation, and service? What is the Law of One? After 19 years of research into the channeling phenomenon that involved communications with members of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the One Infinite Creator, a group consciousness called Ra, who had evolved on the planet Venus, established contact with three dedicated seekers of truth to explore these and other questions. Ra said that all people and all of creation are One Being: the One Infinite Creator. They suggested that the process of learning to love (awakening to the “Original Thought”) is studied via humanity’s movement through all of time. The Ra Material sessions conducted by these three individuals examine the meaning of our cosmic existence and contain 106 transcripts of every conversation, including events leading up to first contact, and, in Book V, commentary about the contact.

The transcripts in these books were originally produced in the 1980s concurrent with the Ra contact sessions. In 2018, after a years-long project of relistening to the recordings and refining the text, new transcripts were produced and released as The Ra Contact: Teaching the Law of One.

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We are a loosely structured, non-hierarchical network of individuals from around the world dedicated to understanding, exemplifying and practising the truth we refer to as the Law of One.