Definition of Dreams and How it can Aid in Spiritual Growth, Polarization or Adepthood

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Archetype 19: Significator of the Spirit
Types of Energy Transfers Between Mind/Body/Spirit Complexes
Simplest Cell Organisms to Manifest Energy Centres E.g. Polymorphous Dinoflagellate
The Source of People on Earth from Different Corners of The Universe
The Event that Caused the Explosion in Tunguska Region in Russia


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Higher Density Lessons (4th, 5th, 6th & 7th Density)

Definition of Densities and Their Corresponding Quantum Vibratory of Colours
Why Earth Will Be 4th Density Positive Instead of 4th Density Negative
Definition of 'Density'
Who Transmitted Oahspe and Urantia Books?
Conditions On A 4th Density 'Negative' Planet
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