Spiralling Energies inside The Great Pyramid of Giza

Spiralling Energies inside The Great Pyramid of Giza

The Law of One, Book III, Session 56

Questioner: I will make a statement which you can correct. 

I intuitively see the spiraling energy of the Giza pyramid being spread out as it moves through the so-called King’s Chamber and refocusing in the so-called Queen’s Chamber. 

I am guessing that the spread of energy in the so-called King’s Chamber is seen in the spectrum of colors, red through violet, and that the energy centers of the entity to be healed should be aligned with this spread of the spectrum so that the spectrum matches his various energy centers. 

Will you correct this statement?

Ra: I am Ra. We can correct this statement.

Questioner: Will you please do that?

Ra: The spiraling energy is beginning to be diffused at the point where it goes through the King’s Chamber position

However, although the spirals continue to intersect, closing and opening in double spiral fashion through the apex angle, the diffusion or strength of the spiraling energies, red through violet color values, lessens if we speak of strength, and gains, if we speak of diffusion, until at the peak of the pyramid you have a very weak color resolution useful for healing purposes

Thus the King’s Chamber position is chosen as the first spiral after the centered beginning through the Queen’s Chamber position. 

You may visualize the diffusion angle as the opposite of the pyramid angle but the angle being less wide than the apex angle of the pyramid, being somewhere between 33 and 54°, depending upon the various rhythms of the planet itself.

Questioner: Then I assume that if I start my angle at the bottom of the Queen’s Chamber and make a 33 to 54° angle from that point, so that half of that angle falls on the side of the centerline that the King’s Chamber is on, that will indicate the diffusion of the spectrum, starting from the point at the bottom of the Queen’s Chamber; let’s say, if we were using a 40° angle, we would have a 20° diffusion to the left of the centerline, passing through the King’s Chamber. 

Is that correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This will be the last full question of this session

It is correct that half of the aforementioned angle passes through the King’s Chamber position. 

It is incorrect to assume that the Queen’s Chamber is the foundation of the angle

The angle will begin somewhere between the Queen’s Chamber position and thence downward towards the level of the resonating chamberoff-set for the healing work.

This variation is dependent upon various magnetic fluxes of the planet. 

The King’s Chamber position is designed to intersect the strongest spiral of the energy flow regardless of where the angle begins

However, as it passes through the Queen’s Chamber position, this spiraling energy is always centered and at its strongest point.

May we answer any brief queries at this time?

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