Sexual Energy Experience & Distortions: Red through Violet

Sexual Energy Experience & Distortions: Red through Violet

The Law of One, Book II, Session 32

Questioner: We will now continue with the material from the day before yesterday.

The subject is how sexual polarity acts as a catalyst in evolution and how to best make use of this catalyst.

Going back to that material, I will fill in a few gaps that we possibly do not understand too well at this point. 

Can you tell me the difference between orange and yellow ray activation?

I am going to work up from the red ray right on through the violet.

We have covered red ray, so I would like to ask now what the difference is between yellow and orange ray activation?

Ra: I am Ra.

The orange ray
is that influence or vibratory pattern wherein the mind/body/spirit expresses its power on an individual basis.

Thus power over individuals may be seen to be orange ray.

This ray has been quite intense among your peoples on an individual basis.

You may see in this ray the treating of other-selves as non-entities, slaves, or chattel, thus giving otherselves no status whatever.

The yellow ray
is a focal and very powerful ray and concerns the entity in relation to, shall we say, groups, societies, or large numbers of mind/body/spirit complexes.

This orange—we correct ourselves—
this yellow ray vibration is at the heart of bellicose actions in which one group of entities feels the necessity and right of dominating other groups of entities and bending their wills to the wills of the masters.

The negative path, as would call it, uses a combination of the yellow ray and the orange ray in its polarization patterns.

These rays, used in a dedicated fashion, will bring about a contact with intelligent infinity.

The usual nature of sexual interaction,
if one is yellow or orange in primary vibratory patterns, is one of blockage and then insatiable hunger due to the blockage.

When there are two selves vibrating in this area
the potential for polarization through the sexual interaction is begun, one entity experiencing the pleasure of humiliation and slavery or bondage, the other experiencing the pleasure of mastery and control over another entity.

This way a sexual energy transfer of a negative polarity is experienced.

Questioner: From the material that you transmitted February 17th you stated:

“In third ray there are two possibilities.

Firstly, if both vibrate in third ray there will be a mutually strengthening energy transfer.”

What color is third ray in this material?

Ra: I am Ra. The ray we were speaking of in that material should be properly the green ray or fourth ray.

Questioner: So I should change that third to fourth or green?

Ra: This is correct.

Please continue to scan for errors having to do with numbering, as you call them, as this concept is foreign to us and we must translate, if you will, when using numbers.

This is an on-going weakness of this contact due to the difference between our ways and yours.

Your aid is appreciated.

Questioner: Thank you.

I believe for the time being we have amply covered green ray, so I am going to skip over green ray and go to blue ray.

Could you tell me the difference that occurs between green ray and blue ray with the emphasis on blue ray?

Ra: I am Ra.

With the green ray transfer of energy
you now come to the great turning point sexually as well as in each other mode of experience.

The green ray may then be turned outward, the entity then giving rather than receiving.

The first giving beyond green ray is the giving of acceptance or freedom, thus allowing the recipient of blue ray energy transfer the opportunity for a feeling of being accepted, thus freeing that other-self to express itself to the giver of this ray.

It will be noted that once green ray energy transfer has been achieved by two mind/body/spirits in mating, the further rays are available without both entities having the necessity to progress equally.

Thus a blue ray vibrating entity or indigo ray vibrating entity
whose other ray vibrations are clear may share that energy with the green ray other-self, thus acting as catalyst for the continued learn/teaching of the other-self.

Until an other-self reaches green ray, such energy transfer through the rays is not possible.

Questioner: What is the difference between indigo and blue ray transfer?

Ra: I am Ra.

The indigo ray
is the ray of, shall we say, awareness of the Creator as self; thus one whose indigo ray vibrations have been activated can offer the energy transfer of Creator to Creator.

This is the beginning of the sacramental nature of what you call your bisexual reproductive act.

It is unique in bearing the allness, the wholeness, the unity in its offering to other-self.

Questioner: What is the difference between violet ray and the others?

Ra: I am Ra.

The violet ray,
just as the red ray, is constant in the sexual experience.

Its experience by other-self may be distorted or completely ignored or not apprehended by other-self.

However, the violet raybeing the sum and substance of the mind/body/spirit complex, surrounds and informs any action by a mind/body/spirit complex.

Questioner: Do the energy transfers of this nature occur in the fifth, sixth, and seventh-density—all the rays?

Ra: I am Ra. The rays, as you understand them, have such a different meaning in the next density and the next and so forth that we must answer your query in the negative.

Energy transfers only take place in fourth, fifth, and sixth densities.

These are still of what you would call a polarized nature.

However, due to the ability of these densities to see the harmonies between individuals, these entities choose those mates which are harmonious, thus allowing constant transfer of energy and the propagation of the body complexes which each density uses.

The process is different in the fifth and the sixth-density than you may understand it.

However, it is in these cases still based upon polarity.

In the seventh-density there is not this particular energy exchange as it is unnecessary to recycle body complexes.

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