Various Methods and Descriptions of Sexual Energy Transfers

Various Methods and Descriptions of Sexual Energy Transfers

The Law of One, Book II, Session 31

Questioner: Could you define sexual energy transfer and expand upon its meaning, please?

Ra: I am Ra.

Energy transfer implies the release of potential energies across, shall we say, a potentiated space.

The sexual energy transfers occur due to the polarizations of two mind/body/spirit complexes, each of which have some potential difference one to the other.

The nature of the transfer of energy or of the blockage of this energy is then a function of the interaction of these two potentials.

In the cases where transfer takes place, you may liken this to a circuit being closed.

You may also see this activity, as all experiential activities, as the Creator experiencing Itself.

Questioner: Could this then be the primal mechanism for the Creator to experience Itself?

Ra: I am Ra. This is not a proper term.

Perhaps the adjectives would be “one appropriate” way of the Creator knowing Itself, for in each interaction, no matter what the distortion, the Creator is experiencing Itself.

The bisexual knowing of the Creator by Itself has the potential for two advantages.

in the green ray activated being
there is the potential for a direct and simple analog of what you may call joy, the spiritual or metaphysical nature which exists in intelligent energy.

This is a great aid to comprehension of a truer nature of being-ness.

The other
potential advantage of bisexual reproductive acts
is the possibility of a sacramental understanding or connection, shall we say, with the gateway to intelligent infinity, for with appropriate preparationwork in what you may call magic may be done and experiences of intelligent infinity may be had.

The positively oriented individuals
concentrating upon this method of reaching intelligent infinity, then, through the seeking or the act of will, are able to direct this infinite intelligence to the work these entities desire to do, whether it be knowledge of service or ability to heal or whatever service to others is desired.

These are two advantages of this particular method of the Creator experiencing Itself.

As we have said before, the corollary of the strength of this particular energy transfer is that it opens the door, shall we say, to the individual mind/body/spirit complexes’ desire to serve in an infinite number of ways an otherself, thus polarizing towards positive.

Questioner: Can you expand somewhat on the concept that this action not only allows the Creator to know Itself better but also creates, in our density, an offspring or makes available the pathway for another entity to enter this density?

Ra: I am Ra. As we have previously said, the sexual energy transfers include the red ray transfer which is random and which is a function of the second-density attempt to grow, to survive, shall we say.

This is a proper function of the sexual interaction.

The offspring, as you call the incarnated entity
takes on the mind/body complex opportunity offered by this random act or event called the fertilization of egg by seed which causes an entity to have the opportunity to then enter this density as an incarnate entity.

This gives

the two who were engaged in this bisexual reproductive energy transfer
the potential for great service in this area of the nurturing of the small-experienced entity as it gains in experience.

It shall be of interest at this point to note that there is always the possibility of using these opportunities to polarize towards the negative, and this has been aided by the gradual building up over many thousands of your years of social complex distortions which create a tendency towards confusion, shall we say, or baffling of the service to others aspect of this energy transfer and subsequent opportunities for service to other selves.

Questioner: If a sexual energy transfer occurs in green ray—and I am assuming in this case that there is no red ray energy transfer—does this mean it is impossible for this particular transfer to include fertilization and the birthing of an entity?

Ra: I am Ra. This is incorrect.

There is always the red ray energy transfer due to the nature of the body complex.

The random result of this energy transfer will be as it will be, as a function of the possibility of fertilization at a given time in a given pairing of entities each entity being undistorted in any vital sense by the yellow or orange ray energies; thus the gift, shall we say, being given freely, no payment being requested either of the body, of the mind, or of the spirit.

The green ray is one of complete universality of love.

This is a giving without expectation of return.

Questioner: I was wondering if there was some principle behind the fact that a sexual union does not necessarily lead to fertilization.

I’m not interested in the chemical or physical principles of it.

I’m interested in whether or not there is some metaphysical principle that leads to the couple having a child or not, or is it purely random?

Ra: I am Ra. This is random within certain limits.

If an entity has reached the seniority whereby it chooses the basic structure of the life experience, this entity may then choose to incarnate in a physical complex which is not capable of reproduction.

Thus we find some entities which have chosen to be unfertile.

Other entities, through free willmake use of various devices to insure nonfertility.

Except for these conditions, the condition is random.

Questioner: Thank you. 

In the previous material you mentioned “magnetic attraction.” 

Would you define and expand upon that term?

Ra: I am Ra. We used the term to indicate that in your bisexual natures there is that which is of polarity. 

This polarity may be seen to be variable according to the, shall we say, male/female polarization of each entity, be each entity biologically male or female. 

Thus you may see the magnetism which two entities with the appropriate balance, male/female versus female/male polarity, meeting and thus feeling the attraction which polarized forces will exert, one upon the other.

This is the strength of the bisexual mechanism

It does not take an act of will to decide to feel attraction for one who is oppositely polarized sexually

It will occur in an inevitable sense giving the free flow of energy a proper, shall we say, avenue

This avenue may be blocked by some distortion toward a belief/condition stating to the entity that this attraction is not desired

However, the basic mechanism functions as simply as would, shall we say, the magnet and the iron.

Session 48, April 22, 1981

Questioner: I have a question from the instrument that I will read.

“You have suggested several times that sexual energy transfers aid the instrument’s vital energy and this contact.

It seems that this is not true for all people; that the sexual circuitry and the spiritual circuitry are not the same.

Is this instrument an anomaly, or is the positive effect of sexual activity on spiritual energy normal for all third-density beings?”

Ra: I am Ra. This instrument, though not anomalous, is somewhat less distorted towards the separation of mind, body, and spirit than many of your third-density entities.

The energies of sexual transfer would, if run through the undeveloped spiritual electrical or magnetic complex which you call circuitry, effectually blow out that particular circuit.

Contrarily, the full spiritual energies run through bodily complex circuitry will also adversely effect the undeveloped circuit of the bodily complex.

Some there are, such as this instrument, who have not in the particular incarnation chosen at any time to express sexual energy through the bodily circuitry.

Thus from the beginning of such an entity’s experience the body and spirit express together in any sexual action.

Therefore, to transfer sexual energy for this instrument is to transfer spiritually as well as physically.

This instrument’s magnetic field, if scrutinized by one sensitive, will show these unusual configurations.

This is not unique to one entity but is common to a reasonable number of entities who, having lost the desire for orange and yellow-ray sexual experiences, have strengthened the combined circuitry of spirit, mind, and body to express the totality of beingness in each action.

It is for this reason also that the social intercourse and companionship is very beneficial to this instrument, it being sensitive to the more subtle energy transfers.

The Law of One, Book IV, Session 83

Questioner: Thank you.

I’m going to ask a rather long, complex question and I would request that the answer to each portion of this question be given if there was a significant difference prior to the veil than following the veil so that I can get an idea of how what we experience now is used for better polarization.

What was the difference before the veil in the following while incarnate in third density:
physical pain,
mental pain,
catalyst programming,
random catalyst,
relationships, and
communication with the higher self or
with the mind/body/spirit totality or
any other mind, body, or
spirit functions

before the veil that would be significant with respect to their difference after the veil?

Ra: I am Ra.

let us establish that both before and after the veil the same conditions existed in time/space; that is, the veiling process is a space/time phenomenon.

the character of experience was altered drastically by the veiling process.

In some cases such as

the dreaming and the contact with the higher self,
the experience was quantitatively different due to the fact that the veiling is a primary cause of the value of dreams and is also the single door against which the higher self must stand awaiting entry.

Before veiling,
dreams were not for the purpose of using the so-called unconscious to further utilize catalyst but were used to learn/teach from teach/learners within the inner planes as well as those of outer origins of higher density.

As you deal with each subject of which you spoke you may observe, during the veiling process, not a quantitative change in the experience but a qualitative one.

Let us, as an example, choose your sexual activities of energy transfer.
If you have a desire to treat other subjects in detail please query forthwith.

In the instance of the sexual activity of those not dwelling within the veiling each activity was a transfer.
There were some transfers of strength.

Most were rather attenuated in the strength of the transfer due to the lack of veiling.

In the third density entities are attempting to learn the ways of love.
If it can be seen that all are one being it becomes much more difficult for the undisciplined personality to choose one mate and, thereby, initiate itself into a program of service.

It is much more likely that the sexual energy will be dissipated more randomly without either great joy or great sorrow depending from these experiences.

Therefore, the green-ray energy transfer,
being almost without exception the case in sexual energy transfer prior to veilingremains weakened and without significant crystallization.

The sexual energy transfers and blockages after veiling have been discussed previously.
It may be seen to be a more complex study but one far more efficient in crystallizing those who seek the green-ray energy center.

The Law of One, Book IV, Session 84

Questioner: Going back to the previous session, you stated that each sexual activity was a transfer before the veil.

Would you trace the flow of energy that is transferred and tell me if that was the planned activity or a planned transfer by the designing Logos?

Ra: I am Ra. The path of energy transfer before the veiling during the sexual intercourse was that of the two entities possessed of green-ray capability.

The awareness of all as Creator is that which opens the green energy center.

Thusly there was no possibility of blockage due to the sure knowledge of each by each that each was the Creator.

The transfers were weak due to the ease with which such transfers could take place between any two polarized entities during sexual intercourse.

Questioner: What I was getting at, precisely, was, for example, when we close an electrical circuit it is easy to trace the path of current.

It goes along the conductor.

I am trying to determine whether this transfer is between the green energy centers (the heart chakras).

I am trying to trace the physical flow of the energy to try to get an idea of blockages after the veil.

I may be off on the wrong track here, but if I am wrong we’ll just drop it.

Can you tell me something about that?

Ra: I am Ra. In such a drawing or schematic representation of the circuitry of two mind/body/spirits or mind/body/spirit complexes in sexual or other energy transfer

the circuit opens always at the red or base center and moves as possible through the intervening energy centers.
If baffled it will stop at orange.
If not, it shall proceed to yellow.
If still unbaffled it shall proceed to green.

It is well to remember in the case of the mind/body/spirit that the chakras or energy centers could well be functioning without crystallization

Questioner: In other words, they would be functioning but it would be equivalent in an electrical circuitry to having a high resistance, shall we say, and although the circuit would be complete, red through green, the total quantity of energy transferred would be less.

Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. We might most closely associate your query with the concept of voltage.

The uncrystallized, lower centers cannot deliver the higher voltage.

The crystallized centers may become quite remarkable in the high voltage characteristics of the energy transfer as it reaches green ray and indeed as green ray is crystallized this also applies to the higher energy centers until such energy transfers become an honestation4 for the Creator.

4 honestation: n. adornment; grace. [Obs.]

Questioner: Would you please correct me on this statement.

I am guessing that what happens is that when a transfer takes place the energy is that light energy that comes in through the feet of the entity and the voltage or potential difference is measured between the red energy center and, in the case of the green ray transfer, the green energy center and then must leap or flow from the green energy center of one entity to the green energy center of the other, and then something happens to it.

Could you clarify my thinking on that?

Ra: I am Ra. Yes.

Questioner: Would you please do that?

Ra: I am Ra. The energy transfer occurs in one releasing of the potential difference.

This does not leap between green and green energy centers but is the sharing of the energies of each from red ray upwards.

In this context it may be seen to be at its most efficient when both entities have orgasm simultaneously.

However, it functions as transfer if either has the orgasm and indeed in the case of the physically expressed love between a mated pair which does not have the conclusion you call orgasm there is, nonetheless, a considerable amount of energy transferred due to the potential difference which has been raised as long as both entities are aware of this potential and release its strength to each other by desire of the will in a mental or mind complex dedication.

You may see this practice as being used to generate energy transfers in some of your practices of what you may call other than Christian religious distortion systems of the Law of One.

Questioner: Could you give me an example of that last statement?

Ra: I am Ra. We preface this example with the reminder that each system is quite distorted and its teachings always half-lost.

However, one such system is that called the Tantric Yoga.

Questioner: Considering individual A and individual B,
if individual A experiences the orgasm
is the energy, then, transferred to individual B in a greater amount?

Is that correct?

Ra: I am Ra. Your query is incomplete.

Please restate.

Questioner: I am trying to determine whether the direction of energy transfer is a function of orgasm.

Which entity gets the transferred energy?

I know it’s a dumb question, but I want to be sure that I have it cleared up.

Ra: I am Ra. If both entities are well polarized and vibrating in green-ray love any orgasm shall offer equal energy to both.

Questioner: I see. Before the veil can you describe any other physical difference that we haven’t talked about yet with respect to the sexual energy transfers or relationships or anything prior to veiling?

Ra: I am Ra. Perhaps the most critical difference of the veiling, before and after, was that before the mind, body, and spirit were veiled, entities were aware that each energy transfer and, indeed, very nearly all that proceeds from any intercourse, social or sexual, between two entities has its character and substance in time/space rather than space/time.

The energies transferred during the sexual activity are not, properly speaking, of space/ time.

There is a great component of what you may call metaphysical energy transferred.

Indeed, the body complex as a whole is greatly misunderstood due to the post-veiling assumption that the physical manifestation called the body is subject only to physical stimuli.

This is emphatically not so

Questioner: After the veil, in our particular case now, we have, in the circuitry of which we were speaking, what you call blockages.

Could you describe what occurs with the first blockage and what its effects are on each of the entities assuming that one blocks and the other does not or if both are blocked?

Ra: I am Ra. This material has been covered previously.

If both entities are blocked
both will have an increased hunger for the same activityseeking to unblock the baffled flow of energy.

If one entity is blocked and the other vibrates in love,
the entity baffled will hunger still but have a tendency to attempt to continue the procedure of satiating the increasing hunger with the one vibrating green ray due to an impression that this entity might prove helpful in this endeavor.

The green-ray active individual
shall polarize slightly in the direction of service to others but have only the energy with which it began.

Questioner: I didn’t mean to cover previously covered material.

What I was actually attempting to do was discover something new in asking the question, so please if I ask any questions in the future that have already been covered don’t bother to repeat the material.

I am just searching the same area for the possibility of greater enlightenment with respect to this particular area since it seems to be one of the major areas of experience in our present condition of veiling that produces a very large amount of catalyst and I am trying to understand, to use a poor term, how this veiling process created a greater experience and how this experience evolved.

These questions are very difficult to ask.

It occurs to me that many statues or drawings of the one known as Lucifer or the Devil are shown with an erection.

Is this a function of orange-ray blockage, and was this known in a minimal way by those who devised these statues and drawings?

Ra: I am Ra. There is, of course, much other distortion involved in a discussion of any mythic archetypical form.

However, we may answer in the affirmative and note that you are perceptive.

Questioner: With respect to the green, blue, and indigo transfers of energy, how would the mechanism for these transfers differ from the orange-ray mechanism in making them possible or setting the groundwork for them?

I know this is very difficult to ask and I may not be making any sense, but what I am trying to do is gain an understanding of the foundation for the transfers in each of the rays and the preparations for the transfers or the fundamental requirements or biases and potentials for these transfers.

Could you expand on that for me please?

I am sorry for the poor question.

Ra: I am Ra. We would take a moment to state in reply to a previous comment that we shall answer each query whether or not it has been previously covered for not to do so would be to baffle the flow of quite another transfer of energy.

To respond to your query we firstly wish to agree with your supposition that the subject you now query upon is a large one, for in it lies an entire system of opening the gateway to intelligent infinity.

You may see that some information is necessarily shrouded in mystery by our desire to preserve the free will of the adept.

The great key to blueindigo, and finally, that great capital of the column of sexual energy transfer, violet energy, transfers,
is the metaphysical bond or distortion which has the name among your peoples of unconditional love.

In the blue-ray energy transfer
the quality of this love is refined in the fire of honest communication and clarity
; this, shall we say, normally speaking in general, takes a substantial portion of your space/time to accomplish although there are instances of matings so well refined in previous incarnations and so well remembered that the blue-ray may be penetrated at once.

This energy transfer is of great benefit to the seeker in that all communication from this seeker is, thereby, refined and the eyes of honesty and clarity look upon a new world.

Such is the nature of blue-ray energy and such is one mechanism of potentiating and crystallizing it.

As we approach indigo-ray transfer
we find ourselves in a shadowland.
We cannot give you information straight out or plain, for this is seen by us to be an infringement.

We cannot speak at all of violet ray transfer
as we do not, again, desire to break the Law of Confusion.

We may say that these jewels, though dearly bought,
are beyond price for the seeker and might suggest that just as each awareness is arrived at through a process of analysissynthesis, and inspiration, so should the seeker approach its mate and evaluate each experience, seeking the jewel.

Questioner: Is there any way to tell which ray the transfer was for an individual after the experience?

Ra: I am Ra. There is only a subjective yardstick or measure of such.

If the energies have flowed so that love is made whole,
green-ray transfer has taken place.

If, by the same entities’ exchange, greater ease in communication and greater sight has been experienced,
the energy has been refined to the blueray energy center.

If the polarized entities, by this same energy transfer experience, find that the faculties of will and faith have been stimulated,
not for a brief while but for a great duration of what you call time, you may perceive the indigo-ray transfer.

We may not speak of the violet-ray transfer 
except to note that it is an opening to the gateway of intelligent infinity.

Indeed, the indigo-ray transfer is also this but, shall we say, the veil has not yet been lifted.

Questioner: Did most Logoi plan, before the veil, to create a system of random sexual activity or the specific pairing of entities for specific periods of time, or did they have an objective in this respect?

Ra: I am Ra. This shall be the last full query of this working.

The harvest from the previous creation was that which included the male and female mind/body/spirit.

It was the intention of the original Logoi that entities mate with one another in any fashion which caused a greater polarization.

It was determined, after observation of the process of many Logoithat polarization increased many fold if the mating were not indiscriminate.

Consequent Logoi thusly preserved a bias towards the mated relationship which is more characteristic of more disciplined personalities and of what you may call higher densities.

The free will of each entity, however, was always paramount and a bias only could be offered.

May we ask if there may be any brief queries before we leave this instrument?

The Law of One, Book IV, Session 86

Questioner: Perhaps you could give examples of the use of the body prior to veiling and after the veiling in the same aspect to help us understand the change in knowledge of and control over the body more clearly. 

Could you do this, please?

Ra: I am Ra. We could.

Questioner: Will you do this?

Ra: I am Ra. Yes. 

Let us deal with the sexual energy transfer

Before the veiling 
such a transfer was always possible due to there being no shadow upon the grasp of the nature of the body and its relationship to other mind/body/spirits in this particular manifestation.

Before the veiling process there was a near total lack of the use of this sexual energy transfer beyond green ray.

This also was due to the same unshadowed knowledge each had of each

There was, in third density then, 
little purpose to be seen in the more intensive relationships of mind, body, and spirit which you may call those of the mating process
, since each other self was seen to be the Creator and no other-self seemed to be more the Creator than another

After the veiling process 
it became infinitely more difficult to achieve green-ray energy transfer due to the great areas of mystery and unknowing concerning the body complex and its manifestations

However, also due to the great shadowing of the manifestations of the body from the conscious mind complex, when such energy transfer was experienced it was likelier to provide catalyst which caused a bonding of self with other-self in a properly polarized configuration.

From this point it was far more likely that higher energy transfers would be sought by this mated pair of mind/body/spirit complexes, thus allowing the Creator to know Itself with great beauty, solemnity, and wonder

Intelligent infinity having been reached by this sacramental use of this function of the body, each mind/body/spirit complex of the mated pair gained greatly in polarization and in ability to serve.

Questioner: Did any of the other aspects of loss of knowledge or control of the body approach, to any degree in efficiency, the description which you have just given?

Ra: I am Ra. Each function of the body complex has some potential after the veiling to provide helpful catalyst. 

We did choose the example of sexual energy transfer due to its central place in the functionary capabilities of the body complex made more useful by means of the veiling process.

This instrument grows somewhat low in energy

We would prefer to retain the maximal portion of reserved energy for which this instrument has given permission. 

We would, therefore, ask for one more full query at this working.

Questioner: I would assume that the veiling of the sexual aspect was of great efficiency because it is an aspect that has to do totally with a relationship with an other-self. 

It would seem to me that the bodily veilings having to do with other-self interaction would be more efficient when compared with those only related to self, which would be lower in efficiency in producing either positive or negative polarization. 

Am I correct in this assumption?

Ra: I am Ra. You are correct to a great extent

Perhaps the most notable exception is the attitude of one already strongly polarized negatively towards the appearance of the body complex. 

There are those entities upon the negative path which take great care in the preservation of the distortion your peoples perceive as fairness/ugliness

This fairness of form is, of course, then used in order to manipulate other-selves.

May we ask if there are any brief queries?

The Law of One, Book IV, Session 87

Questioner: Thank you. We will make the corrections6

In the last session you made the statement that before the veiling, sexual energy transfer was always possible. 

I would like to know what you meant by “it was always possible” and why it was not always possible after the veiling, just to clear up that point?

Ra: I am Ra. We believe that we grasp your query and will use the analogy in your culture of the battery which lights the flashlight bulb. 

Two working batteries placed in series always offer the potential of the bulb’s illumination. 

After the veiling, to continue this gross analogy, the two batteries being placed not in series would then offer no possible illumination of the bulb. 

Many mind/body/spirit complexes after the veiling have, through blockages, done the equivalent of reversing the battery.

6 The text was corrected before publishing and now reads as it should.

Questioner: What was the primary source of the blockages that caused the battery reversal?

Ra: I am Ra. Please query more specifically as to the mind/body/spirits or mind/body/spirit complexes about which you request information.

Questioner: Before the veil there was knowledge of the bulb-lighting technique, shall we say. 

After the veil some experiments created a bulb lighting; some resulted in no bulb lighting.

Other than the fact that information was not available on methods of lighting the bulb, was there some root cause of the experiments that resulted in no bulb lighting?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct.

Questioner: What was this root cause?

Ra: I am Ra. The root cause of blockage is the lack of the ability to see the other-self as the Creator, or to phrase this differently, the lack of love.

Questioner: In our particular illusion the sexual potential for the male seems to peak somewhere prior to the age twenty and the female’s peak is some ten years later. 

What is the cause of this difference in peaking sexual energy?

Ra: I am Ra. We must make clear distinction between the yellow-ray, third-density, chemical bodily complex and the body complex which is a portion of the mind/body/spirit complex

The male, as you call this polarity
has an extremely active yellow-ray desire at the space/time in its incarnation when its sperm is the most viable and full of the life-giving spermato

Thusly the red ray seeks to reproduce most thickly at the time when this body is most able to fulfill the red-ray requirements.

The yellow-ray, chemical body complex of the female, as you call this polarity, 
must needs have a continued and increasing desire for the sexual intercourse for it can only conceive once in one fifteen to eighteen month period, given that it carries the conceived body complex, bears it, and suckles it

This is draining to the physical body of yellow ray

To compensate for this the desire increases so that the yellow-ray body is predisposed to continue in sexual congress, thus fulfilling its red-ray requirement to reproduce as thickly as possible.

The more, shall we say, integral sexuality or polarity of the body complex, which is a portion of the mind/body/spirit complex, does not concern itself with these yellow-ray manifestations but rather follows the ways of the seeking of energy transfer and the furthering of aid and service to others or to the self.

Questioner: In addition, why is the ratio of male to female orgasms so heavily loaded on the side of the male?

Ra: I am Ra. We refer now to the yellow-ray, physical body or, if you will, body complex. 

At this level the distinction is unimportant. 

The male orgasm 
which motivates the sperm forward to meet its ovum is essential for the completion of the red-ray desire to propagate the species. 

The female orgasm 
is unnecessary. Again, as mind/body/spirit complexes begin to use the sexual energy transfer to learn, to serve, and to glorify the one infinite Creator the function of the female orgasm becomes more clear.

Questioner: What was this ratio before the veil?

Ra: I am Ra. The ratio of male to female orgasms before the veil was closer to one-to-one by a great deal as the metaphysical value of the female orgasm was clear and without shadow.

Questioner: Is it meaningful to give this ratio in early fourth density and, if so, would you do that?

Ra: I am Ra. In many ways it is quite meaningless to speak of orgasm of male and female in higher densities as the character and nature of orgasm becomes more and more naturally a function of the mind/body/spirit complex as an unit. 

It may be said that the veil in fourth density is lifted and the choice has been made. 

In positive polarities true sharing is almost universal.

In negative polarities true blockage so that the conqueror obtains orgasm, the conquered almost never, is almost universal. 

In each case you may see the function of the sexual portion of experience as being a most efficient means of polarization.

Questioner: In our illusion we have physical definitions for possible transfers of energy. 

We label them as the conversion of potential to kinetic or kinetic to heat and examine this with respect to the increasing entropy.

When we speak of sexual energy transfers and other more basic forms of energy I am always at a loss to properly use, you might say, the terms since I am not understanding—and possibly can’t understand—the basic form of energy that we speak of. 

However, I intuit that this is the energy of pure vibration; that is, at the basic level of our illusion, that vibration between the space and time portion of the space/time continuum and yet somehow is transferred into our illusion in a more basic form than that. 

Could you expand on this area for me, please?

Ra: I am Ra. Yes.

Questioner: Would you do that?

Ra: I am Ra. You are correct in assuming that the energy of which we speak in discussing sexual energy transfers is a form of vibratory bridge between space/time and time/space

Although this distinction is not apart from that which follows, that which follows may shed light upon that basic statement.

Due to the veiling process 
the energy transferred from male to female is different than that transferred from female to male

Due to the polarity difference 
of the mind/body/spirit complexes of male and female 
the male stores physical energy
the female mental and mental/emotional energy.

When third-density sexual energy transfer is completed 
the male will have offered the discharge of physical energy

The female is, 
thereby, refreshed, having far less physical vitality. 

At the same time, if you will use this term, the female discharges the efflux of its stored mental and mental/emotional energy, thereby offering inspiration, healing, and blessing to the male which by nature is less vital in this area.

At this time may we ask for one more full query.

Questioner: Why is the male and the female nature different?

Ra: I am Ra. 
When the veiling process was accomplished
the male polarity was attracted the Matrix of the Mind and 
to the female, the Potentiator of the Mind,
to the male the Potentiator of the Body, 
to the female the Matrix of the Body

May we ask if there are any brief queries before we close this working?


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