Jesus (Christ) of Nazareth or "Yahushua" As He was Known in Biblical Times

Jesus (Christ) of Nazareth or "Yahushua" As He was Known in Biblical Times

The Law of One, Book I, Session 17

Questioner: Thank you.

Can you tell me who was the entity, before his incarnation on Earth, known as Jesus of Nazareth?

Ra: I am Ra. I have difficulty with this question as it is phrased.

Can you discover another form for this query?

Questioner: What I meant to say was can you tell me if Jesus of Nazareth came from the Confederation before incarnation here?

Ra: I am Ra. The one known to you as Jesus of Nazareth did not have a name.

This entity was a member of fifth density of the highest level of that sub-octave.

This entity was desirous of entering this planetary sphere in order to share the love vibration in as pure a manner as possible.

Thus, this entity received permission to perform this mission.

This entity was then a Wanderer of no name, of Confederation origins, of fifth density, representing the fifth density understanding of the vibration of understanding or love.

Questioner: Did you say the fifth vibration was that of love?

Ra: I am Ra. I have made an error.

The fourth-density being is that which we intended to say, the highest level of fourth density going into the fifth.

This entity could have gone on to the fifth but chose instead to return to third for this particular mission.

This entity was of the highest sub-octave of the vibration of love.

This is fourth density

Questioner: When Jesus of Nazareth incarnated was there an attempt by the Orion group to discredit him in some way?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct.

Questioner: Can you tell me what the Orion group did in order to try to cause his downfall?

Ra: I am Ra. We may describe in general what occurred.

The technique was that of building upon other negatively oriented information.

This information had been given by the one whom your peoples called “Yahweh.”

This information involved many strictures upon behavior and promised power of the third-density, service-to-self nature.

These two types of distortions were impressed upon those already oriented to think these thought-forms.

This eventually led to many challenges of the entity known as Jesus.

It eventually led to one, sound vibration complex “Judas,” as you call this entity, who believed that it was doing the appropriate thing in bringing about or forcing upon the one you call Jesus the necessity for bringing in the third-density planetary power distortion of third-density rule over others.

This entity, Judas, felt that, if pushed into a corner, the entity you call Jesus would then be able to see the wisdom of using the power of intelligent infinity in order to rule others.

The one you call Judas was mistaken in this estimation of the reaction of the entity, Jesus, whose teach/learning was not oriented towards this distortion.

This resulted in the destruction of the bodily complex of the one known as Jesus.

Questioner: Then if the entity Jesus was fourth density and there are Wanderers on the planet today who came from fifth and sixth density, what was it that Jesus did that enabled him to be such a good healer and could these fifth- and sixth-density beings here now do the same?

Ra: I am Ra. Those who heal may be of any density which has the consciousness of the spirit.

This includes third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh.

The third density can be one in which healing takes place just as the others.

However, there is more illusory material to understand, to balance, to accept, and to move forward from.

The gate to intelligent infinity can only be opened when an understanding of the in-streamings of intelligent energy are opened unto the healer.

These are the so-called Natural Laws of your local space/time continuum and its web of electromagnetic sources or nexi of in-streaming energy. 

Know then, first, the mind and the body.

Then as the spirit is integrated and synthesized,
these are harmonized into a mind/body/spirit complex which can move among the dimensions and can open the gateway to intelligent infinity, thus healing self by light and sharing that light with others.

True healing is simply the radiance of the self causing an environment in which a catalyst may occur which initiates the recognition of self, by self, of the self -healing properties of the self.

Questioner: How did Jesus learn this during his incarnation?

Ra: I am Ra. This entity learned the ability by a natural kind of remembering at a very young age.

Unfortunately, this entity first discovered his ability to penetrate intelligent infinity by becoming the distortion you call “angry” at a playmate.

This entity was touched by the entity known as Jesus and was fatally wounded.

Thus the one known as Jesus became aware that there dwelt in him a terrible potential.

This entity determined to discover how to use this energy for the good, not for the negative.

This entity was extremely positively polarized and remembered more than most Wanderers do.

Questioner: How did this aggressive action against a playmate affect Jesus in his spiritual growth?

Where did he go after his physical death?

Ra: I am Ra. The entity you call Jesus was galvanized by this experience and began a lifetime of seeking and searching.

This entity studied first day and night in its own religious constructs which you call Judaism and was learned enough to be a rabbi, as you call teach/learners of this particular rhythm or distortion of understanding, at a very young age.

At the age of approximately thirteen and one-half of your years, this entity left the dwelling place of its earthly family, as you would call it, and walked into many other places seeking further information.

This went on sporadically until the entity was approximately twenty-five, at which time it returned to its family dwelling, and learned and practiced the art of its earthly father.

When the entity had become able to integrate or synthesize all experiences, the entity began to speak to other-selves and teach/learn what it had felt during the preceding years to be of a worthwhile nature.

The entity was absolved karmically of the destruction of an other-self when it was in the last portion of lifetime and spoke upon what you would call a cross saying, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.”

In forgiveness lies the stoppage of the wheel of action, or what you call karma.

Questioner: What density is the entity known as Jesus in now?

Ra: I am Ra. This information is harmless though unimportant.

This entity studies now the lessons of the wisdom vibration, the fifth-density, also called the light vibration.

Questioner: In our culture there is a saying that he will return.

Can you tell me if this is planned?

Ra: I am Ra. I will attempt to sort out this question.

It is difficult.

This entity became aware that it was not an entity of itself but operated as a messenger of the one Creator whom this entity saw as love.

This entity was aware that this cycle was in its last portion and spoke to the effect that those of its consciousness would return at the harvest.

The particular mind/body/spirit complex you call Jesus is, as what you would call an entity, not to return except as a member of the Confederation speaking through a channel.

However, there are others of the identical congruency of consciousness that will welcome those to the fourth-density. 

This is the meaning of the returning.

The Law of One, Book II, Session 33

Questioner: I will ask you if you are familiar with a motion picture called The Ninth Configuration

Are you familiar with this?

Ra: I am Ra. We scan your mind and see this configuration called The Ninth Configuration.

Questioner: This motion picture brought out the point about which we have been talking. 

The Colonel had to make a decision. 

I was wondering about his polarization. 

He could have knuckled under, you might say, to the negative forces, but he chose to defend his friend instead. 

Is it possible for you to estimate which is more positively polarizing: to defend the positively oriented entity, or to allow suppression by the negatively oriented entities?

Ra: I am Ra. This question takes in the scope of fourth-density as well as your own and its answer may best be seen by the action of the entity called Jehoshuah, which you call Jesus

This entity was to be defended by its friends. 

The entity reminded its friends to put away the sword. 

This entity then delivered itself to be put to the physical death. 

The impulse to protect the loved other-self is one which persists through the fourth-density, a density abounding in compassion

More than this we cannot and need not say.

The Law of One, Book III, Session 73

Questioner: Many so-called evangelists which we have in our society at present have great desire and very great will, and possibly great polarity, but it seems to me that in many cases that there is a lack of awareness that creates a less than effective working in the magical sense.

Am I correct in this analysis?

Ra: I am Ra. You are partially correct.

In examining the polarity of a service-to-others working the free will must be seen as paramount.

Those entities of which you speak are attempting to generate positive changes in consciousness while abridging free will.

This causes the blockage of the magical nature of the working except in those cases wherein an entity freely desires to accept the working of the evangelistas you have called it.

Questioner: What was the orientation with respect to this type of communication for the one known as Jesus of Nazareth?

Ra: I am Ra. You may have read some of this entity’s workings.

It offered itself as teacher to those mind/body/spirit complexes which gathered to hear and even then spoke as through a veil so as to leave room for those not wishing to hear.

When this entity was asked to heal, it oft times did so, 

always ending the working with two admonitions:

that the entity healed had been healed by its faith
, that is, its ability to allow and accept changes through the violet-ray into the gateway of intelligent energy

saying always, “
Tell no one.

These are the workings which attempt the maximal quality of free will while maintaining fidelity to the positive purity of the working.

Questioner: An observation of the working itself by another entity would seem to me to partially abridge free will in that a seemingly magical occurrence had taken place as the result of the working of an adept.

This could be extended to any phenomenon which is other than normal or acceptable.

Could you speak on this paradox that is immediately the problem of anyone doing healing?

Ra: I am Ra. We are humble messengers of the Law of One.

To us there are no paradoxes.

The workings which seem magical and, therefore, seem to infringe upon free will do not, in themselves, do so, for the distortions of perception are as many as the witnesses and each witness sees what it desires to see.

Infringement upon free will occurs in this circumstance only if the entity doing the working ascribes the authorship of this event to its self or its own skills.

He who states that no working comes from it but only through it is not infringing upon free will.

Questioner: The one known as Jesus accumulated twelve disciples.

What was his purpose in having these disciples with him?

Ra: I am Ra. What is the purpose of teach/learning if there be no learn/teachers?

Those drawn to this entity were accepted by this entity without regard for any outcome.

This entity accepted the honor/duty placed upon it by its nature and its sense that to speak was its mission.

The Law of One, Book III, Session 75

Questioner: The instrument would like to know why twice during the “Benedictus” portion of the music she sang in a group concert that she experienced what she believes to be a psychic attack?

Ra: I am Ra. This is not a minor query.2

We shall first remove the notations which are minor.

In the vibrating, which you call singing, of the portion of what this instrument hallows as the Mass which immediately precedes that which is the chink called the “Hosanna” there is an amount of physical exertion required that is exhausting to any entity.

This portion of which we speak is termed the “Sanctus.”

We come now to the matter of interest.

When the entity Jehoshuah3 decided to return to the location called Jerusalem for the holy days of its people it turned from work mixing love and wisdom and embraced martyrdom which is the work of love without wisdom.

The “Hosanna,” as it is termed, and the following ”Benedictus,” is that which is the written summation of what was shouted as Jehoshuah came into the place of its martyrdom.

The general acceptance of this shout,

Hosanna to the son of David! Hosanna in the highest! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!

by that which is called the church has been a misstatement, an occurrence which has been, perhaps, unfortunate for it is more distorted than much of the so-called Mass.

There were two factions present to greet Jehoshuah,

a small group of those which hoped for an earthly king.

However, Jehoshuah rode upon an ass stating by its very demeanor that it was no earthly king and wished no fight with Roman or Sadducee.

The greater number were those which had been instructed by rabbi and elder to make jest of this entity,
for those of the hierarchy feared this entity who seemed to be one of them, giving respect to their laws and then, in their eyes, betraying those time-honored laws and taking the people with it.

The chink for this instrument is this subtle situation which echoes down through your space/time and, more than this, the place the Hosanna” holds as the harbinger of that turning to martyrdom.

We may speak only generally here.

The instrument did not experience the full force of the greeting which it correctly identified during the “Hosanna” due to the intense concentration necessary to vibrate its portion of that composition.

However, the “Benedictus” in this particular rendition of these words is vibrated by one entity.

Thus the instrument relaxed its concentration and was immediately open to the fuller greeting.

Questioner: The chink then, as I understand it, was originally created by the decision of Jesus to take the path of martyrdom? Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is, in relation to this instrument, quite correct.

It is aware of certain over-balances towards love, even to martyrdom but has not yet, to any significant degree, balanced these distortions.

We do not imply that this course of unbridled compassion has any fault but affirm its perfection.

It is an example of love which has served as beacon to many.

For those who seek further,
the consequences of martyrdom must be considered, for in martyrdom lies the end of the opportunity, in the density of the martyr, to offer love and light.

Each entity must seek its deepest path.

2 It may seem that there is an excessive amount of personal and rather melodramatic material about psychic attack included here. We considered long and hard before deciding not to delete it.

Our reason—Ra seems to suggest that any “light worker” will, if successful in this work, attract some sort of negatively oriented greeting.

Therefore, we wish to share our experiences and Ra’s discussion of them, in hopes that the information might be helpful.

3 Ra has previously identified this name as the name of Jesus in biblical times.

The Law of One, Book IV, Session 84

Questioner: The instrument asked the following question: Ra has implied that the instrument is on the path of martyrdom, but since we all die are we not all martyred to something, and when, if ever, does martyrdom partake of wisdom?

Ra: I am Ra. This is a thoughtful query.

Let us use as exemplar the one known as Jehoshua.

This entity incarnated with the plan of martyrdom.

There is no wisdom in this plan but rather understanding and compassion extended to its fullest perfection.

The one known as Jehoshua would have been less than fully understanding of its course had it chosen to follow its will at any space/time during its teachings.

Several times, as you call this measure, this entity had the possibility of moving towards the martyr’s place which was, for that martyr, Jerusalem. Yet in meditation this entity stated, time and again, “It is not yet the hour.”

The entity could also have, when the hour came, walked another path.

Its incarnation would then have been prolonged but the path for which it incarnated somewhat confused.

Thusly, one may observe the greatest amount of understanding, of which this entity was indeed capable, taking place as the entity in meditation felt and knew that the hour had come for that to be fulfilled which was its incarnation.

It is indeed so that all mind/body/spirit complexes shall die to the third-density illusion; that is, that each yellow-ray physical-complex body shall cease to be viable.

It is a misnomer to, for this reason alone, call each mind/body/spirit complex a martyr, for this term is reserved for those who lay down their lives for the service they may provide to others.

We may encourage meditation upon the functions of the will.

The Law of One, Book IV, Session 88

Questioner: Did Ra use cards similar to the tarot cards for training in third-density?

Ra: I am Ra. No.

Questioner: What did Ra use in third density?

Ra: I am Ra. You are aware in your attempts at magical visualization of the mental configuration of sometimes rather complex visualizations. 

These are mental and drawn with the mind

Another example well-known in your culture is the visualization, in your mass, of the distortion of the love of the one infinite Creator called Christianity, wherein a small portion of your foodstuffs is seen to be a mentally configured but entirely real man, the man known to you as Jehoshuah or, as you call this entity now, Jesus. 

It was by this method of sustained visualization over a period of training that we worked with these concepts.

These concepts were occasionally drawn

However, the concept of one visualization per card was not thought of by us.

The Law of One, Book V, Fragment 54
Session 104, July 27, 1983

Questioner: When we got our introduction back from our publisher on the book which originally was called The Law Of One, in the introduction Carla had been speaking on reincarnation and there was this sentence added,

“For although originally part of Jesus’ teachings they were censored from all subsequent editions by the Empress.”

Would Ra please comment on the source of that being placed in our introduction?

Ra: I am Ra. This follows the way of subjectively interesting happenings, conditions, circumstances, or coincidences.

We would suggest one more full query at this time

End of Ra's Lessons

Editor's Comments: Subject to the absolute freewill of the Reader.

There was no letter 'J' in Hebrew language during the times of the Entity, now popularly known as "Jesus".

It's also to be noted that the letter, 'J' was not invented/introduced into our lexicons until the mid 1600, or thereabouts. In short, the Entity, so-called "Jesus" now has been dead for more than 2,000 years (and we sincerely mean no disrespect). While the letter 'J' itself is merely 500 years old, so how could he have been called "Jesus" when letter 'J' never existed during his time?

Some may argue that the name "Jesus" is simply a transliteration from the original name; from Yahushua (or Yashua/Yeshua/Yehoshua) to Iesus, to Jesus.

Think about it, we have "simple" historical figures in recent times of our Earth's history, whose names remains/sounds the same regardless of the language their stories may have been written/told in. But the so-called "Son of God" on the other hand, has had his original name jumbled, muddled and bastardized, and this is acceptable to the vast majority of people in the "Christian" faith?
The negative forces love to play a magic game called "mis-direction", this game is always at play in order to defer or misdirect the Creator (You) from knowing its True Identity.  

For those pondering the Hebrew language, or those that follows "Jesus" teachings. It must be noted that the Hebrew language itself is a 'material of genetic coding which eventually became a language' as aided by the Entity, Yahweh.

In this context, many of the names in Biblical Times that carries a lot of 'vibratory or energetic weight' (if you will) have 'mostly' been systematically changed/twisted, that they have 'somewhat' lost their vibratory or energetic qualities.

As Ra puts it, "...there is no need for the blunt instrument when the scalpel is available".

Not more than these we're willing to add, and we leave the rest to the Seekers of Truth to research further, and to ponder fully until understood.  

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