Definition of "Galaxy"

Definition of "Galaxy"

The Law of One, Book I, Session 10

Questioner: Only one, other than what we can do to make the instrument more comfortable.

I would like to have your definition of galaxy, the word “galaxy” as you have used it.

Ra: I am Ra. We use the term known to your people by the sound vibration “galaxy.”

We accept that some galaxies contain one system of planetary and solar groups.

Others contain several.

However, the importance of the locus in infinite time/space dimensionality is so little that we accept the distortion implicit in such an ambiguous term.

Questioner: Then the nine planets and sun which we have here in our system, would you refer to that as a galaxy?

Ra: I am Ra. We would not.

Questioner: How many stars would be—approximately—in a galaxy?

Ra: I am Ra. It depends upon the galactic system.

Your own, as you know, contains many, many, millions of planetary entities and star bodies.

Questioner: I was just trying to get to the definition that you were using for galaxy.

You mentioned a couple of times the term galaxy in reference to what we call a planetary system and it was causing some confusion.

Is there any way that we can make the instrument more comfortable?

The Law of One, Book I, Session 16

Questioner: Would you define the word galaxy as you just used it?

Ra: I am Ra. We use that term in this sense as you would use star systems.

Questioner: I’m a little bit confused as to how many total planets the Confederation that you are in serves?

Ra: I am Ra. I see the confusion.

We have difficulty with your language

The galaxy term must be split

We call galaxy that vibrational complex that is local.

Thus, your sun is what we would call the center of a galaxy. 

We see you have another meaning for this term.

Questioner: Yes.

In our science the term galaxy refers to the lenticular star system that contains millions and millions of stars. 

There was a confusion about this in one of our earlier communications, and I’m glad to get it cleared up. 

Using the term galaxy in the sense that I just stated, using the lenticular star system that contains millions of stars, do you know of evolution in other galaxies besides this one?

Ra: I am Ra. We are aware of life in infinite capacity

You are correct in this assumption.

The Law of One, Book II, Session 28

Questioner: Thank you. 

Does a unit of consciousness, an individualized unit of consciousness, create a unit of the creation? 

I will give an example.

One individualized consciousness creates one galaxy of stars, the type that has many millions of stars in it. 

Does this happen?

Ra: I am Ra. This can happen

The possibilities are infinite

Thus a Logos may create what you call a star system or it may be the Logos creating billions of star systems

This is the cause of the confusion in the term galaxy, for there are many different Logos entities or creations and we would call each, using your sound vibration complexes, a galaxy.

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